SBOL will be closed from June 29th to July 28th. Orders placed during this time will be shipped on July 30th.
Note: Orders for Spruce longboards with no bindings CAN be filled during this period.

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Spruce 2018.2019 Binding Chooser Page

Which Spruce risers and release bindings should I choose?

Who Should buy Pro Prime Plus Risers/Bindings?

  • Riders who weigh more than 79lbs (36kg).

  • Riders who want the extra elastic travel provided by a double pivot heel piece.

  • Riders who want GripWalk compatible bindings.

  • Riders who want an adjustable height toe piece to compensate for boot sole wear.

  • Riders who wish to ride with brakes on all width 4x4 and 4x10 skiboards.

  • Riders who want a very high maximum DIN setting of 13.

  • Riders who have a higher-end budget who want the strongest possible binding combined with moderate weight and maximum safety.

  • Note: All Spruce risers/bindings come with a 5yr warranty.

Spruce Pro Prime Plus
Pro Prime Plus

Who Should buy Pro Sport Risers/Bindings?

  • Riders who weigh more than 67lbs (31kg).

  • Riders who want the extra security of a full diagonal release toe piece.

  • Riders who want the lightest possible release binding.

  • Riders who want brakes for all 4x4 and 4x10 model skiboards except RVL8 Condor, Spliff KTP, BluntXL and Blunt

  • Riders who are comfortable with a maximum DIN setting of 10.

  • Riders who have a moderate budget but want a rugged high quality binding.

  • Note: All Spruce risers/bindings come with a 5yr warranty.

Spruce Pro Sport
Pro Sport

Spruce risers and bindings are shipped separately(except for international orders), direct from Spruce.
Attaching Spruce risers to any pair of 4x4 skiboards is very simple, requiring just a screwdriver.
Before using Spruce risers/bindings, they must be adjusted and tested, w/ the rider's actual boots,
by a certified binding technician. (almost all ski shops will perform this service for little or no charge)