SBOL will be closed from June 29th to July 28th. Orders placed during this time will be shipped on July 30th.
Note: Orders for Spruce longboards with no bindings CAN be filled during this period.

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TeamSBOL | Team II

Team II - A
Team II - B
Team II - C


Who they are:
Team II riders are very good and out perform most skiers and snowboarders in the park and on the mountain. They aren't afraid of any terrain and spend a lot of time educating people about skiboarding and skiboarding's place in the snow sliding world.


What they get:
SBOLTeam II-A members receive 15% off everything SBOL sells. SBOLTeam II-B members receive 10% off and SBOLTeam II-C receives 5% off.


How they qualify:
They send us video and/or pictures of themselves free riding and/or jumping, jibbing with style. info@skiboardsonline.com


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