100 Ways to Become a Better Business Person

Becoming a better business person doesn’t only mean having a better, bigger and more profitable business, company or enterprise, but more importantly, it also means becoming a better and more improved person. Well, it should be… since a “business person” is a combination of a business and a person. Now, here are 100 ways to help and guide us to become a better businessman or businesswoman. The list is long, hence, let’s get started.


Becoming a better person

1. Review your principles in life because they are the roots and the ones which shape your life, as well as your business. Continue the right principles and eliminate the wicked ones.

2. Apply and practice those right principles with more bravery and with more frequency.

3. Have a healthier body. Exercise regularly, maintain a balanced diet, and take enough rest. Be a healthier businessman!

4. Avoid not only bad business acts, but also avoid bad business thoughts and intents.

5. Do business not only with all your heart, but purify your heart first, then do business with your purest heart. Remember that the heart can be misleading if it’s corrupted.

6. Be more than personal; be spiritual.

7. Achieve inner peace using the 3 Fs: namely, forgive, forget and forward!

8. Be a truly happier person by increasing the number of people whom you make happy.

9. Strengthen your faith by justifying it.

10. Love yourself by making it truer, purer, kinder and better.


Becoming a better business owner

11. Make your business plans SMARTER (specific, measureable, achievable, relevant, time-bound, evaluated and retested).

12. Stick to those plans. Don’t start a business that you will quit.

13. Have a greater purpose for your business, such as to save people’s lives and to make the world a better place to live.

14. Give your business a better name. Make it more memorable, enjoyable and honorable.

15. Have trusted co-founders and part-owners. Don’t take all the credits.

16. Talk and listen regularly to your business language. Always keep its record. Read, analyze and understand your company’s financial statements. Also conduct regular financial audits, with the help of auditors.

17. Have a better business coach or mentor, and listen to him.

18. Make your business friendly to environment, government and the public.

19. Don’t rush your business, but grow it gradually, consistently and certainly.

20. Get your business a better insurance.


Becoming a better entrepreneur

21. Be the first to offer a product or service in the market. Be an inventor.

22. If you can’t be the first, then be the best.

23. Be holistic and rather than just atomistic

24. Find your passion, and when you find it, be passionate about it.

25. Be bold. Be a deeper diver. Explore the ocean; investigate the tips of the icebergs. In other words, explore places or opportunities where no one is exploring.

26. Don’t stop innovating, until your reach the ultimate form of sophistication, that is, simplicity.

27. Make more sacrifices and wait longer.

28. Be prepared to pass on failures, financial problems, and criticisms.

29. Be unbreakable and flexible. Learn how to set allowances and margin of errors.

30. Orient yourself to become customer-oriented and people-oriented.


Becoming a better manager

31. Start by controlling and managing yourself

32. Learn how to connect and blend with people

33. Don’t just search and hire the best people, give them also the best training

34. Try harder in avoiding being a bossy.

35. Have a mission, vision and action. Have a destination, direction and motion. Also don’t forget acceleration and completion.

36. Manage your time; manage your moments.

37. Show grace and generosity to your workers and employees.

38. Manage your personal finance and achieve financial freedom. Don’t love money!

39. Learn how to shut your big mouth and open your already-opened ears. Also learn how to use your two ears to listen the both sides.

40. Build teamwork and coach your team. Give them better duties and functions, and empower them.


Becoming a better leader

41. Be diligent as it always what makes a leader better.

42. Be strong and sharp, but never forget to be gentle.

43. Lead your followers in front; follow them at the back. Be the first to serve; be the last to receive.

44. Practice more humility and accountability.

45. Be selfless.

46. Be a role model. Be motivated to motivate your people; be inspired to inspire others.

47. Build trust. Start by making yourself trustworthy, then help your people become trustworthy too. After that, trust yourself and them.

48. Pay more respect.

49. Be compassionate and understanding. Open your heart and mind to hear and see what people are feeling and thinking.

50. Be a better follower. Follow justice, righteousness, truth, and be a disciple of discipline.


Becoming a better marketer

51. Add more value and quality to your products

52. Help people save more money. Offer better prices, deals, and give discounts and freebies.

53. Give your customers more comfort and convenience. Be accessible offline and online. Put your business online and have online presence. Provide 24/7 access through the social media: website, blog, Facebook, et cetera.

54. Be honest by making something to be honest of. Practice honest advertising and other means of promotion.

55. Be a better mixer of the four Ps of marketing, namely, product, price, place and promotion.

56. Serve your customers well by providing them better customer service from pre-sales to post-sales.

57. Provide something that will make your customers your own marketers through the word-of-mouth marketing.

58. Do not just ask customers’ feedback, but also listen and act.

59. Don’t rely too much on technology, provide human touch. You’re dealing with human beings anyway.

60. Be the first to show loyalty. Be loyal to your customers by not cheating on them, then hope that they will also give their loyalty to you.


Becoming a better salesperson

61. Familiarize and understand what you offer, and be confident in selling.

62. Make sure that everything is excellent about your goods or services, then tell everything.

63. Do not badmouth your competitors. Tell what’s good about them, then tell what’s better about your business or products.

64. Do not overpressure your customers to buy your product, instead, pressure yourself to produce a satisfying product that sells itself. So avoid too much sales talk that your customers hate. Let your product talks itself.

65. Make yourself or your salesperson the best evidence that your products are excellent. If you’re selling a perfume, then be aromatic.

66. Reward your old and loyal customers; give discounts to your first customers.

67. Always smile to your customers, to your co-workers and to everyone. Remember that a smiling salesperson may not be enough to please your customers – you need to present a smiling store.

68. Be sincere and thoughtful. Make your customers and clients more special. Send them greetings on their birthdays if possible.

69. Get quality certifications for your products if applicable. Also get positive reviews and testimonials from your satisfied customers, and let them help you do the sales talk.

70. Watch your sales figures and numbers – watch them historically, currently and prospectively. Analyze the past, work the present and forecast the future.


Becoming a better competitor

71. Know your worst competitor. It’s not your business competitors – it is the worst you. Hence overcome yourself; overcome your laziness, procrastination, greed, and the likes.

72. Unite yourself: your mind, heart and spirit. Mind your business, feel your business, and live your business.

73. Unite your people and equip them with the right weapon, that is, knowledge, skills and systems.

74. Spy on your competitors, as well as yourself.

75. Stick to your game plan. Don’t be lured with enticing baits and traps. Always bear in my mind that not all profitable opportunities are profitable in the long run.

76. Don’t just consider the competition, but also consider cooperation.

77. Have a work-life balance to become more energetic, elastic and effective.

78. Have a proper timing; be patient.

79. Practice until you can’t be wrong, and not only until you make it right. Understand the sense of the saying “practice makes perfect”.

80. Win the real business competition, that is… making the workers, the customers and the community happy.


Becoming a better learner

81. Pay more attention.

82. Don’t just gain knowledge, but also wisdom, understanding and insight.

83. Don’t just improve your attitude, but also your values and habits.

84. Don’t stop learning, and be a better teacher.

85. Don’t stop teaching, and continue learning something to teach better.

86. Practice what you learn; practice what you teach.

87. Dig for the roots; speculate for the fruits. This is how you will learn the unseen things.

88. Admit your mistakes; take away your pride and change it with humility to widely receive knowledge.

89. Practice the 3 ways of obtaining wisdom, namely, copying, experience and reflection. Prioritize the last which is the greatest of the three.

90. Read several books and articles, then write a better book or a better article of you own. Utilize technology!


Becoming a better worker

91. Reduce your dreaming; increase your working.

92. Focus, focus, focus!

93. Organize your stuff.

94. Take regular short breaks. Also take occasional long breaks, such as a fine vacation. Enjoying life is also a work that must not be ignored!

95. Be an artist and execute your work like a masterpiece.

96. Be a scientist and make experiments.

97. Don’t be too showy. Learn from the masked men, such as Batman and Spiderman.

98. Workout your muscles to become physically strong and do cardio exercises to increase your stamina.

99. Don’t work for money; work for glory.

100. You’ve made a great plan. Hence, just do it!