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I get home from work yesterday after a fairly crappy day to a long, mysterious looking box sitting on my porch with “SBOL” on the sticker. GLEE! Finally made it to the living room after wading through 3 dogs that were more curious about the box than even I was, and proceeded to dig in…or try to anyway…I had to resort to using a knife because, let me tell you…Greco does NOT screw around when it comes to taping a box shut! I’ll skip the 5 minutes of cursing and grumbling…Finally get the box open and slide out my new toys.


After a pair of Salomon Snowblades being my only pair of boards, I had no IDEA what a real skiboard was. I was floored. These Revolts are SERIOUS looking pieces of equipment! I was expecting the length, which isn’t MUCH longer than my 99cm’s, but the width blew me away! No small wonder Snowblades are such a joke! And the quality? Wow. I looked them over for a good 10 minutes and the only flaw I could find was a practically invisible cosmetic scratch on the topsheet. I can tell you right now. The pictures of the Revolts on the site BARELY do them justice. I don’t have the heart to cover up any of the artwork with the SBOL stickers I got, which are cool as hell, btw! I’ll slap ’em on my helmet instead.

Now…The bindings. (Thanks for mounting ’em for me, btw, G!) NOW I see what people are talking about when they say Salomon bindings are cheesy. The Line FF Pro’s…BAD…ASS! The bails on these things are thicker than the ones on my Salomons by a factor of three! MASSIVE! Everything about ’em says “SOLID”. They were pretty easy to adjust, too!

I can’t WAIT to hit the hill with these things!

Thanks again, G. Consider me a loyal customer! Great job on the Revolts!

Justin T., Chaplin, CT


Name: Uygar Y

Email: ucyuksel@******.com


I ordered a KTP with soft boot bindings from Turkey. My order arrived within two weeks. Very pleased with my purchase. Thanks Greco.


I was just thinking it was about 3 years ago I was told to check out this site and i’m coming back at least once a week now to see what’s up.
Props to Greco on that, and to all the people coming across here now(The Forum), you have found skiboarding heaven, any question can be answered here with all the knowledge of the great people on this board.

*Face Your Fears And Live Your Dreams*

Jonny W, Niagara Falls, NY


My name is John O. I am 13 years old and an avid skiboarder from NY.
I have some comments about your online store.
You guys are GREAT. I recently ordered a new pair of groove skiboards through my mother recently. Everything arrived in great condition assembled perfectly. The movie I received was great. I got my bag and everything was great. I would like to express my gratitude for the professionality you exhibited. I just love your store. You just got a new customer.

John O., Amsterdam, NY

Ps. I love the SBOL stickers

Thanks Greco! Really appreciated such kind client service!
Respect to SBOL! Your contribution to skiboarding cannot be overestimated, thanks to you we can enjoy our favorite sports!
Best wishes from Russia and good luck to you!
Victor S.,


Growing the sport… (From a thread on our forum.)

Since the board was down yesterday and I needed some reading material, I visited or *********.*** and was wondering why they felt the need to censor this site whenever it was mentioned in a post.
Granted they may be competing business’ however if they truly care about the growth of the sport than why censor.
Do they feel that they can’t compete against this site / business?
I mean for the most part their products are different. While they both might carry some of the same products as far as little things go, for the majority the product lines are completely different to those of us that know the difference. There are no 8 hole boards on this site whatsoever, there are no Groove boards on their site whatsoever, etc etc. In fact the only simaler boards they have are the Canon’s and Mix boards.
So instead of censoring the general public and hurting the growth of the sport, why not compete?

A year or so ago when I first got into skiboarding (which I thought was snowblading at the time) I did a search on the net. The first place I found was the other site, while it seemed bigger it definitely felt like I was going into a foot locker to buy sneaks. Where they attack your ass for a sale the second you walk in the door. I personally hate that, and I wasn’t there to buy but to do research and learn what to buy. Thank GOD I am not one to settle as I did more research and found SBOL. Everyone here treated me with respect and I learned a lot about the difference in equipment, etc. Greco NEVER pushed me into a sale and ended up with my business (however small it may have been) and now he has me as a loyal customer. Maybe this is the reason the other site feels they need to censor instead of compete.
Anyway, the whole point to the post is the fact that the censoring of another site / business isn’t helping the growth of the sport in any way shape or form.
My hats off to Greco and SBOL for keeping it real and making a real attempt to grow the sport which can only lead to a healthier business in the end.

Just some reference on me so you can see where I’m coming from..

I am the founder of an online Mustang club ( which has been in
existence for over 5 years now and I would never censor any of the posts made in one of our forums because it suggested another website to look at. While my Mustang club is by far not the biggest, we have a great bunch of people which I consider to be like an extended family. In ways it’s a LOT like it is on here just about cars and not skiboarding. While I may not be one to post a lot, I do read almost everything that gets posted. I’m not a great skiboarder, I can’t do the tricks you guys do, I’m an 31 year old fat guy who loves to spend time on the mountain on skiboards. The fact that you all respect me for that and don’t treat me like I’m just wasting space is really cool!! We are all here for one thing, we love skiboarding and IMHO censoring a website is just plain BS when all it does is hurt the sport.

Information weather it be good or bad is still information and should always be left to the one being informed to weather it’s good information or not. Everyone has an opinion and it shouldn’t be censored simply because it might cost them $1 or two.

Thanks for reading my rant, and once again

BIGGUPS to SBOL and Greco


Wimp’ (John)

Canon M7 / Canon Bindings
Groove Skywalkers / Groove Bindings
Lange Boots


Thanks! I heard SBOL is the best — now I KNOW you are!
You just gained a faithful customer!

Valerie O., Amsterdam, NY


Customer service was very helpful and informative when i was making my purchase. It’s awesome that the people who work for you actually skiboard!
other sites were nowhere near as helpful. Thanks!

Andrew S., Brookfield, CT


5-10 business days? More like 3!! They have just arrived today. Incredible. The Brinton’s look kicking as expected. The big surprise are the Bomber Elites. I can’t get over the quality of materials and attention to detail. They are quite exquisite and look just at home on my mantelpiece as objects of industrial art. No one mentioned their range of adjustability. I like to pull the bindings back rather then have them centered (I find this works better for all mountain use) the Bombers allow a lot of scope for experimentation. Another nice surprise. I appreciate you can’t comment here but they make the Line FF Pro’s look like an afterthought. Previously I had seen rave opinions on the Bombers but thought they were overstated, I was wrong, they weren’t. Thanks too for mounting them for me.
Finally, the sweet cheery on the top is the SB1 video which you kindly included. I shall enjoy that later this evening Again thanks for your great help, it has been a pleasure and I look forward to the next time I can buy something from you.

Rowdy B., London, England


There is no problem.
It was glad to receive a baggage fast than the expectation.
I am using the translation software of the personal computer.
Therefore, I made a mistake.
There may be an error again.
As for the conclusion
Shopping in your store, and I am very very happy.
I hope shopping again in your store.
Thank you.

Takehiro O., Kanagawa, Japan


I ordered the M7s from you guys and should receive them tomorrow.
They were shipped out in less than 24 hours of ordering. Thanks for the unbelievable service.
I am definitely going recommend skiboardsonline to everyone. Thanks again,

Fin N., Middletown, CT


The online chat function of the site allows anyone to have their questions answered immediately. That is one of the most helpful features of the site and certainly why i feel compelled to buy from these guys on this purchase. I’ve received so much help through that chat feature that i owe these guys this purchase. Thanks You’re awesome!

Chris O., Los Angeles, CA


Hey Greco,
My skiboards arrived today and they are too cool! After
an initial fright that my ski boots would not fit the Bombers I was
able to adjust them perfectly. I moved the base plate backwards
because I felt too far forward after adjusting for my boots. I
assume this is ok to do since there are so many drilled holes in the plate?
I can’t wait to hit the slopes. Please send snow! It’s pathetically
crunchy and granular up here. :o\
Thanks for your assistance and getting my boards up here BEFORE promised date!

Val C., St Albens, VT


I don’t know if u remember me but I bought the line weapons a few months ago and man what can I say. I spent the last 2 days on the mountain and I had so much fun with these skiboards. I love them, they are great. I just took next week off so I can just go and have fun. Anyway just wanted to say thx.

P.S. I will send u guys some pic’s soon of tricks and stuff 🙂

Tom M., Boise, ID


phil 'yaking My Mike Nicks showed up this morning at 9am. Thanks for your quick response. I will now get 4 or 5 days on them before my season ends. If all companies were as efficient as yours and as customer oriented the world would be a better place. I will be carrying your cards with me so if I’m making a friend, while sharing a lift, trying to convince them to sell their skis and buy a set of boards I will give them your card. My friend Dennis and I are happy we did business with you.
Think of us the next time you fall face first in powder and remember that it could have been Pennsylvania ice.
Very satisfied customers,
Phil W. & Dennis M., Chester, PA

The bombers are to outfit my girlfriend’s boards (Groove 82cm Retros). I have a set of bombers on my 90cm Groove Green Taxi’s and I LOVE THEM!!!
I have a friend who is Mr. Snowboard and he is running a set of Toaster bindings on his race snowboard. So when I broke my Groove Bindings (the early ones this year) on the first day, I looked for better bindings. When I found the Bombers I was sold. I have skiboarded on my bombers since Xmas and I will probably break the boards, or ME before the bindings. I found your page by doing a search on skiboards, and you have the best price going on the bombers. Even better when you figure your shipping rates! Thanks for the fast turn around, and I have you “Bookmarked” so I will be back.
Keep the GROOVE…
Darin O., Denver, CO
PS Sweet Pics.
Click here for Bomber's


Thank you. Keep up the good work, and the professional customer service. It’s refreshing to see technology used well in a small business operation.

Steven L., Columbus, OH


Thanks for the awesome deal on the limited edition Nick’s, they rule. I haven’t had as much time to ski as I would like but it’s really easy to pick up like you said. Sorry I missed you in Cali, have fun playing sailor.

Rodney D., Middlebury, VT


I just wanted to thank you for following up by telephone regarding my order inquiry. I was pleased to find today the carrying strap which I had ordered, and I thank you for filling my order promptly.
I’m an inline skater who got hooked a couple of years ago on this sport, and an enthusiastic consumer of Line products. Since you enclosed a pile of business cards with my order, I’ve already started handing them out at the office in appreciation for your fast and convenient service. Looking forward to the 99/2000 season.

Doug C., San Francisco, CA


To whom it may concern,
I would like to write you to compliment your speedy service and delivery. I received my order quickly and am quite satisfied with my order. I will definitely use skiboardsonline again for future purchases. A good friend of mine, Drew King, recommended your site to me and I will pass his recommendation on to all the skiboarders I know.
Thank you again.

Chaz K., Atlanta, GA


Sweet deal on the bindings, I can definitely use the wax. Blacktape is sick.
Now I just pray for a snow day.

Doug M., Warsaw, NY


I got MN stuffs just now! Skiboards, videos, bags…..All are great! Again, I really thank you for your concerning. You’re the man. Your skiboardsonline is awesome! I BET!

Hwang I., S.Korea


My order of Groove Taxi 2000’s with Bomber 2000 bindings and the Groove bag arrived on time, just as you had said. I appreciate the ability to check the UPS site to see that they were “in transit” and an expected date of arrival. It said Wed and they were there Wed when I got home. Opened up those babies and they are very, very cool. The bomber bindings are awesome and the Groove bag has all the features you advertised.
Thanks. Again, good job, pleasure doing business with you guys.
Now if it would just SNOW!!

Doug M., Fort Collins, CO


Thanks for everything. Your helpfulness with all my questions was great. I was thinking about ordering from (I’m going to get a backpack there and would save on shipping), but their service isn’t anywhere near as good as yours, so I decided to give you my business instead. Just wanted to let you know you are doing a great job.
Thanks again.

Scott D., Charlestown, RI


Good lookin grab Tom. Keep er up. Thanks for helpin me out with all of my skiboarding problems. You’ve got the best skiboarding customer support out on the net…
You kick ass

Brett H., Mayville, WI


You probably don’t remember me, but I had written almost 2 weeks ago asking for tips on skiboarding. Anyway, I recently came back from my vacation and I had a BLAST!!!! Skiboarding is sooo much fun! It really was so easy to learn and it was just a lot of fun to do.
I am already making plans to get back out there and do some more skiboarding.
Thanks for all your help.

Kate, via internet


I ordered some skiboards (canon m7’s) from you last week and wanted to let you know I just went out on them. I absolutely love them! Thanks so much for all your help. I appreciate it and it means the world to me to be able to get some information on the boards as well as to be able to buy them through you. Hopefully I can send business your way. I handed out your guys name at Keystone a bunch this weekend, as people were asking me about them that were on a lot of Snowblades and other boards that don’t quite match up.
Talk to you soon,

Tom K., Colorado Springs, CO


The videos (TPKD + USS) arrived safely today…requiring that we drop everything else and immediately watch them. Thanks for the really quick service as always. And also thanks for making the USS tape available. It was really cool to see that…especially since we missed day 2 with the Slopestyle and Skiboardercross. It’s also a good tape for me to show at school …got some content and music trouble with showing SB1 or TPKD….
Anyways…got a lot to keep us busy over the summer now…we pretty much had SB1 memorized.

Mark, Drew & Ann F., Sierra City, CA


Thank you so much for all your help. I will recommend you to anyone i know that is on the market for skiboards. I appreciate you taking the time to answer my questions
…..can’t wait to use them!!

Leslie B., Ann Arbor, MI

Yeah!! Skiboards arrived today safe and sound. Thank you again for all your help.
I look forward to doing business with you again.

Rhinda S., Portland, OR


thanks, i probably will be getting one of these helmets. i love ’em, they’re awesome. thanks for all of your help. its good to know there are people out there helping out like this when you don’t have to.

aj, via internet
p.s. i was on ur site today lookin at some pics, you’re awesome.


i ordered a video from you, and to be honest you guys are awesome. The video was there with no problems at all, hassle free. and needless to say the video was also awesome. i will definitely be shopping here again. Thanks for the help.

Karl G., Norfolk, Great Britain


A long while ago I wrote with an initial inquiry into skiboarding. Like any other novice I asked you a dozen questions and you were thoughtful enough to reply with a serious answer. What you said in that email helped me immensely. It helped me get out just after Christmas and try it, it helped me decide which boards to buy, and it helped me yesterday while I was out on a mountain covered with a significant amount of new powder. Here is the tip that helped me yesterday:

#4 keep your tips up in powder. if you’re lucky enough to get some powder out there on the east coast, sit back and keep your tips up or you’ll go head over heels.

I was caught a little by surprise coming down the mountain when I rounded a very sharp corner and found myself in 3″ of new powder. First thing that came to mind as my tips began to dig in and I could feel myself rotate forward, was the above tip. I told myself, “Oh yea, this is what Tom told me” and I sat back a little more, the tips moved up, and I sailed through the powder. That one piece of advice makes me happy that I decided to purchase boards from you a couple of weeks ago. Until now I borrowed some boards (99 cm) and everything you wrote about them is true. I was up the first day, off the bunny slope after only a couple of hours, and now I’m into the intermediate slopes, taking moguls when the skiers are falling on their faces. People are always asking me about the skiboards–most people call them “blades.” They’re fairly unknown around here and the few who have heard of them think they’re for kids. Guess I look like a big kid to them! Hey, I don’t mind at all! The skiboards have been conversation starters with a lot of people. The two or three that I’ve run into that actually own a pair, have the Solomon brand and haven’t seen anything else. Everyone wants to know what the boards are all about. I’ve even managed to give a couple of your cards to people I’ve talked to. I’ve definitely been converted to the sport of skiboarding! What a rush it is! Now I’m finding excuses to get away for a day or two just to have the fun of riding down a mountain. I’ve been four times since Christmas and I’m looking forward to breaking in my new boards (they arrived today) in a couple of weeks. Of course, they have to be waxed before I can use them on the slopes! Well, I’ve said too much and gone on too long. I just wanted to say thanks for the tips on boarding. You saved me more than one face plant!

Mark E., Bethesda, MD


Just wanted to say thanks…I got the beanie today and the video is sick…keep up the good work…

John B., West Islip, NY


By the way,
Great site! It’s nice to see someone in the skiboard industry committed to customer service. Many companies have quite a ways to go! is definitely the leader in customer service in the industry. You can look forward to future business from me and all the skiers and snowboarders I let try the skiboards. Once they try it, they never go back!! I converted 5 people this past season 🙂

Curt P., Seattle, WA


I want to say thanks for running this site, it has great products from smaller companies and big alike, also this is one of the only sites I’ve seen that’s all for skiboarding and the sport.

Kyle B., Brooklyn, CT


Just to let you know, my order arrived two days ago. What fabulous service.
It sailed through the border with no customs, tax, or duty hassles. The stuff is great, the service was fabulous, and the prices were just as good. Hats off to your company. I’ll definitely order again. Now, if only you sold boots…

Harold S., London, Ontario


Thanks for the info.
Your customer service response + quality = the best I’ve seen.
If you have a newsletter sign me up cause I’m definitely gonna buy more equipment from you!

Josh K., North Bay, Ontario


re order no 2413, for a Protec Ace Free Ride helmet
Helmet arrived today. Very pleased. Hope your relocation proves successful.
Best wishes,

Les W., Kr Celle, Gemany


They just have arrived.m (Canon M7 w/ Elite Bindings)
They’re great!
And thank you for the free video tape and bindings setting.
Thanks a lot!

Minki K., Rokastaff, APO


Hi Greco, re: order 2602,
Thanks for the groove boards and Bomber bindings, they look great, can’t wait to try them out.

Paul C., Dorset, Great Britain


best prices ever no other store is better than yours especially for someone just getting in to skiboarding

Christian G., Ann Arbor, MI


Skiboards rock all I need is wax and snow 🙂 They look sick as hell im getting my boots after work today 🙂 By the way thx for the cd and video and stickers that was cool.

Tom M., Meridian, ID


i got my line’s today i was really surprised to see a video with the order, you guys are great!

JK, Maple City, MI


Hey to everyone at!!! U guys have awesome stuff!!!!
luv the lunch lady hoodie!!!!!!! later

Mat, via email


First of all i would really like to thank you a lot! You have been very kind in all the process of purchase with us. For me was a pleasure to buy my new boards from you, especially due to your kindness and your high level of professionality.

Emanuele Z., Genova, Italy

Hi Tom. How are you? I’m writing you just to tell you that i received today the boards! (Canon M7 w/Canon TD1 Bindings) They are really beutifoul!! I didn’t expect that they were so beautifoul!! I want to thank you again very much! Next time i’ll buy something from you i’ll use my credit card,ok? Have a nice christmas!

Emanuele Z., Genova, Italy



Here’s a message posted to Drew’s board regarding SBOL. Because of a glitch in our mail server our shopping cart didn’t send a confirmation email and this customer became a little worried:

“Is this a good sight to buy stuff from, i just ordered my bomber elites from them…i never got a confirmation e-mail….i’m not screwed am i?” -59 Racing (Garret)

And here’s what the guys who hang out at Drew’s message board had to say about SBOL:

“Dude, that was a bad call…. the guy that runs the site, this ‘greco’ guy, he doesn’t have a clue about anything…. Damn man, you should do more research…

HAHAHA, seriously though, buying from SBOL is the best call you could have made. Greco’s a great guy who’s always here to answer my shit, and for that I’m thankful. He knows his stuff and I’m sure he’ll stand behind it.” – Chacmool

“I just wanted to echo chacmool’s sentiments; I have never met anybody so selflessly dedicated to a sport. He deals in skiboards because he loves it, plain and simple. He is always here helping everybody out. I have never seen another vendor on this site, or any site, unless it’s a shameless plug to buy their shit. I don’t get a chance to buy stuff often, but when I do it’s from greco.” – Griswald

“Greco’s is the real deal and anyone who has spent any time on this board will have good things to say about greco…… SBOL because Greco supports skiboarders!!!!!” – Taber

“59, Greco is always on this site answering questions. He knows his stuff. I don’t think you can go wrong.” – Lion

” indeed, greco has been on the scene since the beginning. he’s got industry contacts and he really knows his shit. SBOL is the official skiboard dealer of Drew’s Skiboard Page ;-)” – Drew

“fo sho. greco is the man.” – Chipzaroy

And finally here’s 59 racer’s follow up to the message thread:

“we’ll he followed up on my problem thanks man! i guess what ya’ll said
is true! ” –
59 racing

and his personal reply to me:

damn dood….u kick ass….i should of bought my boards with u guys….f*ck, i’m shopin with u guys from now on –


Thanks a lot.
I am going to try them out this Saturday or Sunday of course after waxing them.
Thanks again for all the updates.. They are much appreciated.

Louis G., City of Industry, CA


I just wanna thank you guys for getting my order on time and ok. It is much appreciated how you all handled our order mess up when we ordered with check instead of credit card on accident. If we ever need anymore gear, we’ll be sure to check out you guys.

Ben T., Louisville, KY


you guys are a great company, all the comments are true, thanks a lot for your time, have a good day.

Kevin P., Boulder, CO


I just received my skibag! You made good on your promise for which I am
most greatful. I won’t hesitate to shop with you in the future.
I noticed and appreciate that you didn’t up charge me for the shipping.
Thank you very much!

Sue K., Derby, CT


I don’t have any pics but I just wana say that you take great pics. I was on the site and i saw some of you doin tricks and also taking pics of other people (who by the way are pretty awesome) ummm……that’s it.

Keith U., Unknown


Thank you for the info and help…really appreciate it. My first year ski boarding and looking forward to it big time! Glad I found your sight! Thanks again and I’m sure I’ll be back!

Chuck J., Renton, WA


Thanks Greco.
I’ve been showing off my new skiboards and they definitely attract attention. Too bad we’re still months away from seeing good skiing weather! If I run across anyone interested in buying a pair, I’ll certainly send them your way as you have been most helpful to me in making these purchases.
Thank you,

Wade B., Dickinson, ND


Thanks for your quick and helpful response. I just ordered the Brinton’s with
the Bomber bindings. To be honest I was leaning that way anyway and your mail
just made my mind up. If they are all everyone says they are then its going to
be a joy riding some really decent boards because the stuff you can hire in
Europe just doesn’t cut it. Nice doing business with you.

Andy W., London, England


Thank you for the info and the quick response.
I will be sure to order from you all when it comes time to purchase.
The other sites I have visited will sell me anything and promise everything is great…etc. Their are just pushing the sell I guess.
Again, thank you for the help.
Have a good one!

Unknown, from Internet chat session


The boards are here. You’re a life saver! Thanks for the absolutely excellent service. I’m definitely going to send all my friends to your site to get their gear from you.
Have a great Holiday Season.

Oliver D., Edison, NJ


Just a little note of Thanks!! UPS delivered my package around 2pm Chrismas Eve. Just in time, even with time to spare to wrap it up. I really appreciate the hard work of you and your staff in getting me the new Canon M7’s in time for Christmas. Thanks again!!

Oliver G., Oakridge, NJ
P.S. May you all have a prosperous New Year!!


I receive today my order and i ‘m happy. It’s ok, thanks for the stickers.
I will advise you.

Eric M., Cagnes Sur Mer, France


Nicola E., just filed a consumer report on and gave your company a customer satisfaction rating of “Very Satisfied”. The consumer filed the following comments:

Easy to contact for questions by email, very quick response. They amended their website especially to make my shopping easier (had an unusual order!) and gave me extra discount.

Nicola E., Eaton Bray, Great Britain


Hey Greco,
My packet has arrived this morning.
Thank you!

So if anyone out there needs a new pair of skiboards, go with Greco and! 🙂
Best regards,

Janos M., Hildisrieden, Switzerland


Thanks a lot for all of your help in my purchase of my first pair of
skiboards. With your informative web site and useful forums, I’ve been able
to determine exactly which pair of boards was best suited for me. And even
though there was a delay in you getting the boards from the manufacturer,
you guys pulled through and provided constant status updates so that I could
make a decision about shipping options so that I’d get them when I needed
them. Having tried them out on the slopes, they triumph over the rentals
that I was introduced into the sport by as much as the original rentals beat
out my tried and true skis. Kudos for doing such a great job and running
such a great site!

Lee S., Germantown, MD


We here at SBOL take customer service very seriously.
You’re damn right !
I also want to thank you again, Greco.
My packet arrived a few hours ago and I’m glad that
everything worked out so well !

Matthias W., Titisee-Neustadt, Germany


To Greco,

i just wanted to say thanks. You have helped me alot on selecting my skiboard and everything about skiboard. Few of my friends are planning to get a pair of skiboards, i’ll let them know of you and again, thanks for you help.

Kevin L., Brooklyn, NY



Got my m7s today (I missed UPS on Friday so like they said it would take only 2 days from you to me… NY to Ontario, Canada). Thanks again for everything! You’re the best!

Son N., Richmond Hill, Ontario, Canada



i want to say to Greco…thanks alot for the skiboards just got them this morning, really fast service, will recommend this site to anyone from anywhere if they want skiboards. cant wait to try them out!!!

Kevin W., Richmond Hill, Ontario, Canada


I love you

Yea, I order some canon td-1 bindings for my new line mike nick pros, and a groove skiboard bag and canon shirt, and it came. Anyways, you guys r0x0r5!!!

Alex M., Okemos, MI



Thanks, I am not sure why the first email didn’t go through. I did get the UPS tracking number sent to both addresses, so go figure!! I am just glad that the boards are on the way!

Thank you for shipping them so quickly! I would recommend your store to any of my friends (although most of them are snowboarders, unfortunately… ever thought of selling those? 🙂 I am looking forward to trying out my new
gear this weekend!


Jeff N., Fort Wayne, IN



Sure enough they arrived yesterday at 11:57 just before I went to work at 12:00. They look fantasic and I am going to have them crystal glide finished on Monday ready for the slopes on Friday. Thanks very much for the fast service, I was dreading that they wouldn’t turn up and I would have to rent again.

Thanks once again

Wesley H., Camberley, Great Britain



As always, you have once again proven to be the most efficient person I’ve ever dealt with…
I really thank you for your attention and for your trust in my ideas for SBOL. If by any chance you need anything from the European sector please keep me in mind, I’d be truly glad to help.

Best Regards,

Marco L., Roma, Italy


Hey Greco,

Just got my new Brintons – they look sweet and the bag is awesome. I can’t wait to try them out. Thanks for the great service.

Jeff D., Boston, MA


Thank you so much your service is unparalleled! I was so shocked, know that
I’ll be buying here again!

Owen R., North Bay, Ontario, Canada


Dear Greco,

I was overconcerned… not even one hour after I sent the e-mail the package was delivered ! And it reached me in an excellent state. Only thing now is the snow and my winter vacation…

Hope I will enjoy the Snowjams as much as the people who tried them before me.

Thanks and sunny regards from the Netherlands.

Cecile G., Helmond, Netherlands


Hey G

I just received my Deeluxe Lemans boots yesterday and all I can say is AWESOME!!!!! Right out of the box they were the most comfortable boots I have ever put on my feet. Very solid and the adjustable lean is killer. I cant wait to have the liners molded to my feet and see how much more comfy they will be. Everybody should buy a pair of these boots…THEY ARE KILLER!!! and just as a side note I have to say that your service is top notch bro. I have never had a better experience buying product anywhere as I have at SBOL. Everything was excellent…boots arrived quickly with no problems at all. Thanks for everything G

Doug H., Huntington Beach, CA


This site is amazing, I ordered Groove boards on friday and they came on monday. You cannot beat the service. Thanks so much. You have a new lifetime customer.

Patrick M., Farmington, NJ


Thanks for the answer. you guys are the best and fastest at responding to my questions and it is greatly appreciated.


Eric A., From Internet



Thanks so much for the attention to detail with the recent successful delivery of the Fusion skiboards from Mix. They look great and Will was happy to see them. We’re looking forward to trying them out this weekend..He agreed with me that they were worth the wait if not the hassle. Thanks again!!

Mike K., Chesire, CT


Skiboards are a blast…I’ll admit a growing sense of fear as I drove up the mountain. I’m a big guy (6’7″ 280lbs) with very little balance and sense of coordination so this felt pretty out there for me. I’ve also not tried any other snow sports other than boarding 11 years ago and that was a painful, miserable day of being totally out of control the entire time. No good.

My first time on skiboards (yesterday) was altogether different. I found single turns and stops to be completely natural. With a little practice over an hour or so I was stringing together multiple turns and switching edges on relatively flat terrain (green). It was an hour and a half before my first fall on some slightly steeper terrain. My brain didn’t like how my body felt when I pointed the skis straight down the hill during a turn on the steep section of this run…so my brain threw my butt on the ground. After a few more turns again this seemed to begin working itself out. I just need to practice more.

Thanks to Greco for taking some time to chat with me late last week about some of the “how to” of riding. I’m hooked and buying a season pass this weekend.

Chris H., Redmond, WA



Thank you very much for your help & your great customer service!!

Mark S., Scarsdale, NY


greco your so hot i want you….. jus playin bro, dude i just got home and got my new boards, (snowjam 90’s) idk if you know exactly who i am but i was the kid that ordered these and wax plus a helmet…. thanks again you got me off my k2 fattys and on to snojams just by giving me a sticker, if your ever local for creek and you wanna ride im always open bro. (plus today is monday, if you get there soon those table tops at south are awesome they were just groomed that and the pipe is the best i have seen in 3 yrs) mad props to you “super-G”

peace bro

Joe Z., Port Jervis, NY


Received order – Outstanding Service!

Dan T., Wheeling, WV


Just to let you know that the Snowjams I ordered from you arrived today.
Thanks for the excellent service – I’ll be sure to tell the guys here in England were they should buy from in the future.


Phil M., Irby, Great Britain


just got my mnps and holy gbus theyre frickin beautiful. seriously, a single tear fell out of my right eye. i cant stop staring at it…thinking im just gonna have to marry it.

anyways, thanks for the quick ship greco.

Jung L., Brooklyn, NY


Hi,yesterday I received my order and all it´s OK.
The skiboards and all it´s OK. Thanks for all to and thanks to you for all the information I didn´t know. Thanks for all.


Marcos S., Gijon, Spain


a quick note to say that I’ve just had a fantastic week on the Line pro’s and Kaz enjoyed the Snow Jams. Ski boards are just too much fun.
The Line pros handled the bumps no problems and even survived some runs through the powder.

Thanks again for your advice, some fantastic products and your efforts in tracking the “missing” shipment.


Pete R., Elanora Heights, Australia


Just got my MNPs They are Awesome! Thx everybody for all of your help and esp g. Its totally cool that you shipped to an APO for FREE! Nobody does that for us working overseas.

last year i skiied on a borowed pair of my friends “shorties” and I loved them. I cant wait to to try these out. I am planning a couple of local trips in the hiroshima area and an annual trek to Nagano over ML King weekend.

Kevin O., Japan



Just wanted to let you know that my order has arrived at my mums house this morning. Thank you for all your help making sure I received my package. I know the whole thing took a long time but throughout it all your communication was fantastic and I felt up to date at all times. I will definitely be buying from you again and also I have no hesitation in recommending you to my friends.

Thanks again for all your help, I can’t wait to get out on the slopes now Cheers

Stephen B., Isle of Man, Great Britain



The skiboards arrived just 6 days after purchase. It looks great and I can’t wait to get them on the slopes.


Paul L., Coorparoo, Australia


they arrived yesterday, very fast. Im pleased with the order and my free stickers!!!

Thanks a bunch

Max D., Sharon, MA


I am living in Latvia – east Europe, and 4 pairs skibords from SBOL shipped to me just in 4 days, it’s incredible…normaly it is 7-10 days, but – that was unvelievable shipping.

Martins M., Riga, Latvia


Invoice looks good.

Thanks again for the outstanding service!

Dan T., Bethlehem, WV


Hi Greco!
I’m sorry I did’t let you know earlier. But I had any troubles in here with my connection…
I’ve received my 5-O’s like 3 weeks ago!
It was so quick. They were just 2 days on the way. That’s amazing!
Now I do have real skiboards. Not an Big Foot or Skiblades but SKIBOARDS.
I will teach everybody what the real skiboards means 🙂
Thank you very much.

Have a nice day
Jan O., Prague, Czech Republic


Hey, Just letting you know that my SBOL hoodie arrived on time today. Thanks for fast problem free shipping.

Nick G., Patterson, NY


I thought I’d just comment on how good a service I have had from SBOL- incase any of you, like me, wanted to buy some gear but were a bit reluctant to buy online.

I ordered my first ever set of skiboards last week and they arrived in the UK within a few days. There were no problems at ‘Customs’ or anything ‘cos Greco filled all the appropriate stuff out when he sent them, and they arrived in perfect condition. He’s a good guy and SBOL has good gear, so don’t worry,
get skiboarding!

Matt P., Stoke-on-Trent, Great Britain


At last I paid about $35 (in korean won, 37500).
And I opened box and surprised! What a nice ski and binding!
Thank you for the good ski and binding.

Have a nice day =)

Minsang N., Seoul, Korea

Just wanted to thank you for the great gear and great service you gave me. In the age of
automated phone lines and companies that only care about your money, you actually answer
questions and did so quicker than i would have ever expected. Hope your business takes you
places you only dreamed of.
Thanks again,

Dave M., New York, NY


Best internet buying experience i’ve ever had with all of my orders. I plan on ordering from them for years to come, for all of my skiboarding needs.

Max D., Sharon, MA


A big thanks to Greco for great service on a new pair of boards I bought from SBOL just before Christmas. Ordered on a Friday, delivered on Monday! It doesn’t get any better than that.

Paul H., Gilford, NH


Thanks for the good customer service. I can see why your company is successful!
I look forward to trying the gear out!

Peter T., Milwaukee, WI


I had several questions that I needed to ask and these were answered promptly and accurately.

As I was ordering abroad I was a little pensive about making a purchase, but if all orders were handled like this I would not worry about ordering again.

I just thought I would send you a email to say that our boards have now arrived, and to thank you for your help with our order.


Marc E., Cheltenham, Great Britain

P.S. Thanks also for the P&P, It did make quite a difference.


OK, cool! Sorry for not replying to your previous mail (I’ve been away).
Anyway, as I said I trust you.. and can’t wait for the stuff – hopefully I won’t have any more questions until then.

Keep up great work and friendly service! we would need lots of businesses to just raise to this level..Earth would be so much nicer place..blabla:)

Thanks for now,

Gergely N., Budapest, Hungary



Received today, everything is perfect.


Luca M., Milano, Italy


thanks for that greco,

by the way i got my package today im very happy with the extremely fast delivery i was expecting to wait at least a week !!

Renaud B., Condord West, Australia

beautiful!!! the skiboard are fantastic, thank you very much for ski and for stickers!

ANDREA F., Ravenna, Italy

Hey Greco

Just wanted to let you know we got our EMP’s today!

They look amazing – they are so fat!!!! Can’t believe how cool they look, just figuring out how to pack them in our bag as we are off to France 2mor.

Thanks for everything – my boyfriend sykpe’d you (or someone at SBOL) today and you were really helpful as we got the parcel line number so he was able to go pick them up from the depot as otherwise they may not have arrived for our trip 2mor so thanks again for being so fantastic.

Will let you know how we get on in France – not much snow at the mo so may have to head over to Zermatt in Switzerland – can’t wait to get these EMP’s in some powder and on some jumps!!!

Cheers Greco – SBOL is the BEST!!!!

Tara & Peter S., Preston, Great Britain

First of all.. Thanks very much
I recieve a ordered skiboard, Revel 8 ALP, right now..
It makes me very happy..^^
I am fully satisfied with the quality of my skiboard and your service.
I am going to enjoy this winter with this machine.
Ahn J., Deajeon, Korea

Hey Greco

Just to say tried out our new EMP’s the other day and only got about 2 hours on them but they absolutely kicked ass!! They are amazing – we went over to France to do some stuff out there and wanted to get a day in on the mountain but there’s hardly any snow so we hiked up somewhere after a bit of snowfall and built a small kicker with a nice run up and tested them out – they r just perfect, they land jumps soooo nicely! Cannot wait to get over to Whistler in Feb and get 2 solid weeks on them! Liked the spruce pro’s but would love to put my bombers on them – will get used to them first though but will prob try the bombers in Whistler.

Thanks for manufacturing such amazing boards & being the best skiboard company out there!!

Will be saving up and buying more in the future!

TaraCatt, Preston, UK

hi, just to say that finaly after all this time i managed to pick out my spruce 120s from polish customs…took so long cause of a national polish strike of all postal workers….if not that i would have had the skiboards in 4-5 days from your sending them…thanks a lot for all your help and for sure i will be placing more orders in the future….p.s. just compared my old fisher web xxl’s withe the spruces and they look like toys for kids….can’t wait to go and try them on some slopes (but for now in europe we have zero snow….) thanks and all the best from poland.

mattx K., Warsaw, Poland

Thanks for the help. I was talking to you earlier in the day about this board. Well I just finished ordering it with the Line FFPro bindings. Thanks again for the helpful advice.

Antonio P. Jr., Kearny, NJ


Thing truth it received well. To come too much and early be glad and tariff Taeg do it does to receive, real thanks it gives. The next skis board on-line it prosperouss and route it wishes and to new year compared to the enterprise it prosperouss more and and route it wishes. It is grateful.

Min Wook K., Ulsan, Korea


Hi Greco,

I just ordered few seconds ago. It was a pleasure doing business with you, your website is clear and comprehensive, products are great, you answered me quickly and informatively and I’ll leave you a comment live from Paradiski next month !

Thank you

Salut de Paris !

Kyril P., Paris France

Hi Greco!

Just got my order this afternoon everything’s perfect! I’m amazed by the flex of the board compared to my old “alphabet” twin boards, they look wonderful and my boots fit perfectly! Thank you very much for the amount written on the value declaration on the pack! Customs opened it (Grrr) but they did not charged any import fee or VAT tax!



I received my order thank you they look awesome can’t wait to use them

Jessie M., De Pere, WI


Sweet thanks G.

That is super fast service. Order Wednesday, ships that day, I have the boards in less then 48 hours!! Now that is service my friends. No if’s and’s or but’s about it.

I’ve worked retail management for over 9 years, and I could not envision better results!

The boards are FANTASTIC!! The service is FANTASTIC!! I am a FAN!!

Andrew D., Chilton, WI


Thanks Greco!

The boards (Revel8 Tansho) came today, and they are awesome. can’t wait to try them out on the slopes tomorrow. I was so impressed by the service and quality, I went ahead and ordered new boots from you guys too. Thanks for everything,

Chris W., Lovettsville, VA


Thanks for the incredibly fast fix. Going to mountains right now, I’ll ship back alps on Saturday.
What good service!!!!!

Kim G., Scottsvalley, CA


Hi man,

I’ve just received my EMP Revel 8 skiboards. They look great. Can’t wait to ride them.
Thanks for everything. I’ll see you at the Skiboard World Cup in February!
Have a Happy New Year!

Adrian P., Bucuresti, Romania


hey g

thanks alot ….. the boards are sick and by far the best i’ve ever rode.

Andy M., Rochester, NY


Hey Greco, thank you for your prompt reply as I was left in the fog wondering what happened. You were right it was in my junkbox. I guess when I was going through both mail folders I was looking for SBOL. It was under usps shipping and I might have overlooked that because I do receive alot of spam mail. I feel so relieved knowing that they are only a stone’s throw away from Victoria (^-^).
Again Greco, I can’t thank you enough for your help and rapid service. Now I can sleep easy hehe.

Many many thanks!

Mara M., Victoria, Canada


Hi Greco,

The Tansho 90s arrived in record time to Canada. Three days! They look great, have more flex than the SJ90s and should be perfect for my wife. When we get out of the deep freeze, we will try them out. Thanks for the stickers and post cards. Hopefully we can send more business your way.

Maria & Yaroslow M., Winnipeg, Canada


Just wanted to write and say thanks for the great customer service and working with my shipping needs. The package actually got here the next day (less than 13 hours transit time, for free, amazing).

Chris A., East Hanover, NJ


I have received my skiboards in only 5 business days! I’m very excited to actually have them for I have been tracking them down all the way from NY to Victoria, BC, Canada. They look awesome and I can’t wait to try them out! Thanks all for the speedy and great service!
PS. the bag and the bindings look awesome too!!

One question, they do not come waxed right?

Thanks again!

Mara D., Victoria, BC, Canada


please include some SBOL stickers cuz i wanna spread the word about the great service from this site! every person that asks about the skiboards deserves to know how great it is.

Dennis M., Erie, PA


Just wanted to let you know that I received every thing today already. Boots fit great and feel great. Thanks for mounting the bindings and getting every thing ready. Great packaging job!!

another loyal customer,

~Harry S., Londonderry, NH



Thanks so much for the new boards. The service that you give to your customers is second to none and is one of the reasons why I love skiboarding. You will be hard pressed to find someone that is as dedicated to helping their customers as you are.

Thanks again,
Nick Z., Waukesha, WI


yup, that’s what i needed……unfortunately in poland we are really not used to such great customer service…it’s really great to know that buying a product can mean also instant custumer support…got my philips screwdriver, NOFX on speakers and i’m off to work on my bindings…. 🙂 good luck in the skiboard world cup!!!

Mateusz K., Warsaw, Poland


I just wanted to thank you for recommending the FF pro bindings to me. Im very happy with them and am going to be testing them tonight. also thanks alot for the stickers, ill make sure i give them to people who are interested in my sweet skiboards.

Dennis M., Erie, PA


Just to let you know that my Revel8 EMP skiboards arrived yesterday (Wednesday) at 5pm. Thank you so much for all your help in ordering them and also tracking the order. Now counting down the days till we go skiing in Austria to try them out! Will let you know how we get on.
Thanks again
Chris T., Gillingham, Great Britain


The EMPs arrived just fine and they look great! Thank you! The DHL driver was a nice guy too. I set the bindings up for my husband’s boots (alas, they’re not for me). He’ll be trying them out this weekend when he gets home – hopefully not on ice. heh The predicted rain has missed us so far.

Thanks a million,
Peggy O., Bliss, NY


Hello Greco,

Just to let you know.
The EMPs have arrived in excellent condition in only 6 business days.

Another satisfied customer 🙂

Kind regards,

Koen E., Ham, Belgium


Sweet, thanks a lot. Great customer service. I get asked all the time what I’m riding and tell people to check out your site. I think a couple people have already bought stuff from you. I know that I was one of the first in the eastern Ontario/Dufferin region to get a pair. I have seen a few pairs since then.

Ill be sure to put some comments on the site.

Thanks again.


Jesse M., Orangeville, Canada

Dear SBOL,

I bought a pair of EMPs last week and I LOVE them! I had been skiing on Solomon 90cm SnowBlades, and I thought they were fun. The EMPs are SO much better, much more stable, much faster, much less chatter, and much more fun.

My ski buddies are amazed how much better I ski on the EMPs than the SBs.

I ordered the skiboards late Saturday night on the web and they arrived at my door Tuesday afternoon! Thanks for the fantastic service. Even though it was the coldest March day in over 50 years, I grabbed the EMPs and headed for Wachusett. I’ve skied every day since!

Thanks again,
Bill B., Groton, MA


Hi Greco

Just to let you know that my skiboards arrived yesterday and they are completely wicked!
I cant wait to hit the slopes on them asap.

Thanks again for all your help, advice and quality service.

IlsaY., Perth Australia


Hi Greco

Revolt’s arrived today, did not expect them to arrive for another few days.
Thought I would have customs duty and goods and services tax to pay ( normally $23.85 + 12.5% of total cost), but cleared customs with no additional cost, yee haa.
With our exchange rate so high at the moment the price and quality of these boards is great. Mostly all you see here in NZ are skinny blades, no comparison.
Threw my risers and bindings on them for night a ski in 50 cm of new powder tonight. They blew me away, fast and stable!, with no bogging down in powder like my Snojam 90’s (don’t get me wrong they’re great boards too!). Stability at speed over the bumped up stuff is fantastic, total control at uncontrollable speeds.
Thanks for the great boards and speedy post.

Alan C., Queenstown, New Zealand

Hi there.
My skiboards arrived at the post office yesterday and I picked them up today. I can’t wait to try them out this weekend. 🙂

Thanks again for the great service.


Mark H., Bayswater, Australia


I would like to thank you extremely for the wonderful customer service shown to me. I will definitely shop with you again!

Matthew C., Provo, UT


WOW!!! Customer Service like none other! I was saving up for some skiboards that were $300 dollars. I saved up and got online…but found the sales had ended. BUT NO FEAR!!! I called skiboardsonline and they gave me a discount to match the old price. I was stoked! Then the delivery was fast…The box of greatness was here at last! I opened the box and to my surprise, skiboardsonline upgraded the bindings too! Where do these people come from? I showed everyone I knew…some even said they have never skied, but the ski revel8 I got, they were convinced! I told everyone about the customer service and we all agreed (skier or snowboarder)…WE ALL NEED CUSTOMER SERVICE LIKE SKIBOARDSONLINE!!! I am forever a lifelong buyer now! If you guys get a chance…send me some window decals to put on my car! I’ll advertise service like this for sure!!! THANK AGAIN TO SKIBOARDSONLINE!!!

Matthew C., Provo, UT


The boards arrived today. Everything is perfect. Thank you !
All the best to you and your company.

Yves M., Lausanne, Switzerland


I would also just like to comment on your extremely good customer service. Someone should give you an award or something, if you ever think about getting some exposure north of the border I would do anything I could to help. Thanks again.

Kyle H., Kelowna, Canada


Thank you for your e-mail and yes the 140 cm bag would be great. I really appreciate your concern and hope to continue to do business on the site.

Thank You!

Joshua B., Medicine Hat, Canada


Hi Greco,

Thanks for the update. I’m as gidddy with excitment as i was when i got my first BMX at age 10 (i’m 32 now).. If it wasn’t for me finding you guys from a search on yahoo, i’d be buying salmon blades!!! I tried some while living in Italy a few years back and thought they were a lot of fun, but still lacked something so held out on buying any.. I now live near San Francisco and hed to Tahoe each season, but no one knows what i’m talking about when i ask for small trick skis and just point me towards the kids section!! I was just about to give up and buy new Skis when i figured i’d try and search the internet, and at first just saw the same old blades….. And then… I FOUND Wooohoo. Life hasn’t been the same since..

I was always a cool kid at school, but just never wanted to make the transition to snowboarder, and so, found myself outcast having to sit at the front of the bus with all the folks in the day glow one piece ski suits. It just wasn’t right!! Now i feel i can hold my head up high and strut to the back of the bus and mingle with all the boarders, perhaps even share in the idle banter about the tricks we’ll all be doing in the park that day.. I just can’t wait to get out and break something in the eternal persuit to feel alive….

SBOL ROCKs and of Course.. Skiboards RULE..

Send me any promotional info that you have and i’ll gladly spread the love..

Do you have any T-Shits with something on the front like “Skiboarders – doing it freestyle” or “all action, no sitting”.. And on the back? I’d happily where it on the slopes as it would also save me having to explain to people every five minutes what it’s all about!! Just a thought.. Oh, but not green in colour as it’s very unlucky for me! Car crash, bike accident and many other missfortunes to back up the bad vibe..

Oh and do you ship outside the US? All my friends live in the UK and Italy and i know a few are interested and once they see my setup, will be chopping at the bit to get hooked up.

Thanks for not only keeping the movment alive, but taking it to the next level as well..


Stephen C., San Ramon, CA


Hey Greco,

Just wanted to write and let you know that I received my EMP’s today and they are the coolest f*%#ing things I have ever seen in my life. I don’t understand why these things have not completely revolutionized the skiing world yet. oh well, small minds, I can’t wait to get on the hill and see what these things can do. They really did turn out to be bigger than one would think but that is perfect!! Thanks again for everything!!

Kyle H., Kelowna, BC, Canada


I realy realy wanna say thats forums and greco helped me in all i need to know about skiboards. awesome service! 10\10

Dror C., Rehovot, Israel


Dear Greco,

I just wanted to thank you again for your help with my skiboard sales, and just letting you know that it has been delivered. I loved shopping on your site and plan to buy from you again.

Thanks again,
~Toni F., Menai, Australia



I just skied for the first time on my new Revel8’s Revolt Trees and OMG!!!! They are everything and more that Greco told me they would be. I was a fearful skier, well, hesitant skier is a better word, until yesterday, when I hit the slopes at Sugarbush, in Vt. Half way down the Mtn, I was totally transformed!!! That is all it took for me to fall in love with skiing all over again. My second run I didnt stop or hesitate once, and my husband got to enjoy skiing with me instead of skiing ahead and waiting for me to slowly criss-cross my way across the Mtn. We skied moguls, which I hadnt done in years, and my skis just led me right through whatever came my way with ease. I am a 56 year old woman, so I did get a few stares from the younger snowboarders, and I also got some snide remarks from my local ski shop in Burlington Vt, however they were totally clueless about my snowboards, and had never seen the likes of what I brought in for adjustment.
So, if you have questions about trying skiboards after all the postings you are reading on this site, dont bother picking the brains of the local ski shops… talk to Greco… he truly knows what is up, and I am SO happy that I took his advice on these Revel 8’s. They are perfect for me, and they do whatever I want them to do, nothing more nothing less. I am looking forward to getting even better on them this season, both east and west. I am hooked!! Just two more important things to mention here: Greco is one of the nicest, most honest guys I have dealt with on the internet. Havent met him in person, but I could tell that he has a passion for this sport, as well as a knowlege base that far exceeds anyone else I have talked to prior to making my final decision on these skis. and I would not hesitate to refer anyone I know to him for business. He will still be standing wehen the other guys fall! AND, Beware of competitors out there that will say or sell anything to make a buck.

Shelley S., Bradenton, FL


You guys are great, I love my new revel8 revolts. I will for sure recommend you guys and will use you guys for future purchases.
Thanks A Lot

GIuseppe C., Uniontown, OH


Hi Greco,

Both skiboards and boots arrived within one hour of each other.. Woohooo.. 🙂
Thank you so much for everything.. Sorry if my constant badgering has been a pain in the ass, but i assure you I’ll be telling everyone where i got my gear from.. Your customer service has been outstanding.. So the trip to the mountains this weekend is on! This will be my first season on real Skiboards and not just a pair of 120 rental blades, I’m as giddy as a school kid at Christmas..
Hope you manage to hit slopes yourself..
Best Regards,

Stephen C., San Ramon, CA



I couldn’t have asked more in terms of customer service, you’ve answered all of my questions thus far and more. I’ll be sure to recommend any friends interested in the sport to get in touch with you!

Sean W., NYC



Gary B., Rosa, Italy


Hi Greco, just a note to let you know that the boards and the bindings have now arrived and I will be using them soon. Thank you for the speedy service.

Yaena B., London, UK


AWESOME Service…. Package well packed, Express Mail shipping was unexpected…Arrived just in time to go skiing tomorrow.
I came back to your website to buy another pair of the same size for my daughter but I guess I was too late.

SUPERB Service…

I’ll be back..

Jim B., APO, AE


You sir are the epitome of customer service.

Expect an order shortly!

Sam F., Edmonton, Canada


I get back from work and I finally get my two days off and when I get to the mailbox I find the skiboards I bought from you guys and it was perfect timing. Shipping was on time the skiboards were in perfect condition and I had a blast when I tested them out for the first time, i’ll be sure to recommend this site to others and buy from here again if I want a new pair. You guys are awesome, and thanks.

Sean M., Bellaire, MI


Thanks man. Just found the sport a few years ago and love rippin’ the mountain up on skiboards. Thanks to your forum I’ve learned what a quality product is so I’ll be able to make an informed purchase.

Curtis S., Southlake, TX


Again, thank you for all your help, and of course the great customer service. I can’t way to get my skiboards and get out on the slopes!

Have a great day!

Hi Greco,

I wanted to let you know that I received my skiboards today; they are beautiful!!! Thank you so much for sending the order so fast; I can’t believe they arrived in less that a day. J I can’t wait for my bindings to get here so I can take the boards out for a spin!
Again, thank you so much for the wonderful customer service, it really was the best shopping experience I ever had online!

Have a great day!


Lila F., Burke, VA


Thanks man, you have been more than helpful and everything was received in a very timely manner in great condition. I appreciate all your quick responses too.


Paul B., Topeka, KS


Hi Greco,
What a great surprise , the ski boards arrived today. Perfectly packed . The chicken design is fantastic, pity the bindings cover some of it up.
Thanks for your help and communication it made a huge difference in choosing. Now we just need some snow, Oh well i’ll have to wait until winter!
I’ll be in touch, let you Know how I go on the snow.

Costa D., Sandringham, Australia


Hi Creco,
Bingo, we got it here ! Thank you very much kamarad !
there the best skibords we ever see….

_ _ _ _ _ _ _

Sergey C., Perm, Russian Federation


Thanks a lot!!! Just received my package, all is good! I am very happy with the way you handled my question regarding customs! And it worked perfectly! Pleasure to do business with you!

Happy skiboarding 🙂


Wim C., As, Belgium


Thank you so much!!! This site is so helpful, your service is unbelievable! and yes, i am in the US, and yes, I would get non release bindings so it seems like everything would work out. Again, thank you so much!!!

-Herter12, From Email


Thank you for the prompt service. I could not believe my order was delivered today. I only placed it on Monday.
Great customer service. I would definitely orderfrom you again.

Chris W., McKees Rocks, PA


Hey there Greco…or whomever reads these.
I am heading out to Colorado next Monday the 8th of December, to try out my new boards (Tanshos). I am really excited. I will probably be going to 3 different mountains. Keystone, Beaver Creek, and Vail. My husband is working out there, so I got a free season pass!! SaWeeT!! Well anyways, I am very impressed with your service, and was hoping to do some advertisement for SBOL while I am out there. I am sending my information for The Program through the mail, but thought you might want to send me some stickers and stuff to pass out, before I head out there. Also, how do you know who referred people in to get the $10 credit? Thank you for the great service!! Hopefully I can recruit some sales for you.

Sincerely, One Happy Customer

Jennifer B., Mason, MI



The Mary Janes just arrived, and Madeleine and I cannot wait to hit slopes. I’m really impressed with your customer service. I’ll be sure to bring your cards with me to Snowshoe next week.

Patcho S., Silver Spring, MD


I just send this mail to say that I’m impressed of how fast and
professional you have answered my questions!!

Best regards,

Tommy P., Surahammar, Sweden




Thank you for the update. The bag came today. I appreciate the quick service because this will be a Christmas gift. I also liked the pleasant and professional manner of the one who took my order.


Ron B, Burlington, WI



Thank you very much that i recieved my skiboards so fast
and without problems. This was the first time I’ve ordered something
from a forign country, so I can tell you I was a bit nervous about
shipping. They arrived exactly in 7 days. Now I’m really satisfied, the skiboards are greater than I

Thank you,

Elod S., Sfintu Gheorghe, Romania.


You guys are the best,awesome customer service,I recieved my order so fast I thought the store was in my town.
If any new or potenial customers are reading this, do not hestitate making a purchase here…

Thomas E., Burlington, NJ


You guys are the best,awesome customer service,I recieved my order so fast I thought the store was in my town.
If any new or potenial customers are reading this, do not hestitate making a purchase here…

Thomas E., Burlington, NJ


Hi G,

Got my stuff… delivery was really fast! And the Skiboards look fantastic!!! Can’t wait to try them on my coming ski trip to Chamonix.

Thanks a lot,

Adam H., Doha, Qatar


thanks for the fast reply that sounds great. i also would like to think
you for your great service. shipping was super fast and you have a great

thanks a lot,

Chuck L., Lowgap, NC


First I’d like to thank you both for your excellent service, shipping, and product. We have been out 4 times on the 120’s and really love them. With someone my weight (140 #’s) they float beautifully in fresh powder, and on the groomed runs they are tigers. After several blue runs to get the feel of them I routinely found myself burning past all but the best skiers and boarders. I also love their manoeuvrability which has saved me from collisions on numerous occasions! Think ‘turn’ and they turn.

Awesome boards guys, thanks!

Roy S., Red Deer, Canada


I got my shipment yesterday. I’m very happy with the speed of the delivery, the packaging, and the customer service experience. The boards themselves look amazing and I can’t wait to try them out on Friday at one of my nearby hills!!

Thanks again,

Mike S., Toronto, Canada


It’s been a while since we last wrote and I wasn’t able to thank you properly for the favor you did for me selling me the used EMP’s. Needless to say, I’ve had the most fun I’ve ever had on the mountain with these and I am now a fully converted Skiboarder. I will definatly continue to buy gear from your shop and I’m looking to buy all new gear next season all cause of your awesome service and accomodation. I am constantly talking up Skiboards and trying to get as many people interested here in Vancouver B.C. as I can. I just wanted to say thanks again and that I will continue to buy from you and try to bring all the business that I can to your site and promote the amazing sport of Skiboarding.

Mark M., Coquitlam, Canada


Thanks for everything Greco… My girlfriend and i just got back from Killington and tried our new Revel8 Skiboards… We had an excellent experience on the skiboards… We are very excited for the upcoming season and decided to allocate all of our yearly vacation funds into next season for some weekly skiboard adventures… You, the guys at Spruce and of course the team at Revel8 have revived my passion for winter sports and allowed both myself and my girlfriend to experience the mountains on our terms… SBOL will be hearing from us in the near future as we gear up for the next season…

Greg & Melinda S., Great Neck, NY


Hey Greco,

I just wanted to let you know that I received my ktp’s yesterday upon my return home from work. As I opened the box and slid the first board from its packing only one thought crossed my mind, “HOLY SH** these things are HUGE!” I’ve been loyal to my Line Weapon’s since my first day in the sport (5 years ago) and im sure you know skiboards have come a long way, well apparently I did not. The difference in ridable surface area not to mention overall quality is unreal!! Night and day! I can’t wait to get these guys wet. Anyway, I just wanted to say thanks again and I will be sure to follow up with a review once I get a few runs under my belt.


Jason D., Howell, NJ

PS- Awesome shipping!! Basically next day(ordered Monday night, received Wednesday), cant beat that.



I have to say, you are the tightest dude ever. Got my package today, was stoked when I got the email of the delivery while I was at work. Got home, opened it up. AWESOME! The reason I was ordering two of the bandanas is one for my friend, because he is getting into skiboarding with me this upcoming winter and I wanted to surprise him. Because of your awesomeness, tonight he walked away with not just a free bandana, but a free Buggard Mouse video and a poster, plus a load of stickers too. He is so excited, and it was a great experience for him to learn how tight-knit a community Skiboarding is, and it was a first for both of us to experience how amazing you customer service is, and we are both impressed. Now you just made two more loyal customers (skiboarders) for life, off of what was probably a tiny order. Be expecting a big order from us come October, you deserve it man.

Thanks a ton, and I hope your enjoying the weather while its warm, but we are all missing the snow 😉

Kirk C., Minnetonka, MN


I just opened my invoice, then read your email.

Again, I sure do appreciate your great customer service.

Thanks a bunch!

Lori B., Raymond, ME


Just wanted to let you know that I received the skiboards yesterday!! They look great! I’m eager to start using them!

Also, lucky for me, I didn’t have to pay any custom fees! How awesome is that?

Anyway, just wanted to take the time to say thanks for everything and I’ll be sure to direct people to your website if they’re interested and I’ll be sure to come back for any other skiboard needs!!

Thanks a lot,

Benson C., Mississauga, Canada


well i got out last weekend and tried my boards for the first time, and they were awesome, probably the funnest thing i have ever done, very happy that i switched over from snowboarding. i will definatly order from your sight again when i need a new pair.

Thanks alot,

Travis F., Nanaimo, BC, Canada


Hello Greco,

I’m writing to thank you. This morning I received my new skis Revel8
. Your service was perfect, timely and professional. So I suggest to my
friends to buy from you.
If I leave a positive comment somewhere please tell me where.
Thank you very much

Gianluca C., Ronchi Dei Legionari, Italy


G is the man!
We all know that already but he knows how to help guys out. Thanks again G. I will always tell everyone how great Revel8 is and everyone at SBOL.
Never goin back to those long sticks lol.

Anthony A., Folsom, CA


Thanks for getting back to me… I understand completely… You guys have been so awesome with everything… I always meet new riders and am getting people to ride… I have been doing this sport since 96 when I went to anaheim, CA to get my first pair of dynastars… It was at

Once I found you guys I will never buy another board from anyone again… I’m still riding the first year model of the revel8 and love them to this day… I have used lots of p-tex and wax and they continue to amaze me…

I’m in the midwest and ski all over from eastern, western and central Iowa… I also move to MN and when I can to Denver….

Anyway I can help the sport or you I would be glad to… I despise as they are just the walmart of this sport and do not foster just the love of riding… You guys do a great job of fostering that even if you don’t hit the terrain park like everyone expects…..

Thanks greco and SBOL for everything you guys do….

-Anthony B., Davenport, IA



I just received my new skiboards and bindings the other day and they look awesome! Thank you so much for having them ready so quickly- I am sure this is a really busy time of year for you guys! I can’t wait to use them on my ski trip in a couple of weeks. They are really impressive- very sturdy and they are a huge difference from the foam core/plastic ones that I learned on. I am so glad I found your site! I am definitely going to recommend you guys!

Take care,
Sherry T, Wheaton, IL


Hi there Greco,

My Skiboards arrived this morning in Bonny Scotland !!
I am so impressed with the service, and am really happy to be able to take them with me to Meribel on Wednesday this week. Will take and distribute your cards, least I can do.

Lorna S., Ellon, Scotland


Hi Greco,

You probably don’t remember me, but my name is Jeremy and I ordered some 2010 Condor’s from you late last year. I was the one that needed all the special shipping arrangements to Steamboat Springs Colorado.

I’ve had some time to reflect back, and I just want to let you know that everything was perfect with the boards! I had an absolute blast on them, they totally blew me away. They also arrived right on time, Christmas Day.

I just wanted to let you know how happy I was with you and your extra attention to my order. Thanks again, and rest assured I will use for all my skiboarding needs.

-Jeremy O., Houston, TX


Hey guys

My name is Sohaib and i bought a pair of revolt trees and tanshos (for my wife) from you earlier this season. It was the first time we’ve ever been on boards….and I just wanted you guys to know how amazing we thought they were! Incredibly well balanced, great maneuverability, and they handle bumps like its nobodies business! We’ve been really having a lot of fun with them. So I just wanted to give you guys back some positive feedback…we do intend to write a proper review for you guys as well. Thanks for a great product and keep it up!

Sohaib U., Upper Derby, PA


Hi Greco,

I’m just writing to say thanks. The boards arrived on Tuesday and I had them out at Marmot yesterday. They were great! I had a blast and even got taken into the trees for the first time. Thanks for the stickers and cards too – I’m looking forward to doing some evangelism.


Todd M., Edmonton, AB, Canada


Hi Greco,

I started skiboarding this past winter. I found out about skiboarding by accident. I had been snowboarding the year before, and never felt really comfortable. Being from Florida, I have always wanted to get into snow sports. After being a little discouraged with snowboarding, I decided to try skiing. Well, I did a “virtual” ski lesson at a local place. It wasn’t at easy as I thought it would be and thought I’d be stuck with snowboarding. I did have a great time, but being an athlete my entire life, I wanted to really LOVE my choice of snow sport. After countless internet searches, I found you guys at SBOL. What a life changing experience that was for me.

Unsure if it was going to be something I loved, I found a place that rented skiboards in Tahoe, where my husband and I were headed. They weren’t true skiboards, but they were close. They were Snow Jam 99’s, with releasable bindings. They weren’t center mounted, but they did the trick. I have been a blader most of my life, and after reading numerous posts on the forum, I knew I would pick it up quickly. As soon as I strapped into my bindings my first day, it only took 3 green runs, and I was hooked. I quickly became one of those noobs with the permanent grin on my face. The freedom I found on skiboards was AMAZING! I was going down tracked out blues my first day. Our trip to Heavenly was pure heaven thanks to skiboarding. I was in the park on my second day trying boxes and little jumps. That was something I would have NEVER considered on a snowboard. For 5 days straight, we were on the mountain from first chair to close.

Skiboarding gave me the feeling I was looking for in a snow sport. Everywhere I went on the mountain, people were asking me “Why are you using kid’s skis?”. I had to politely correct them and tell them the freeing benefits of being on skiboards. They were all very receptive! My one regret was not having my own boards and boots. Next year, with brand new boots and Revel8 skiboards, I can only imagine what I’ll be doing! This sport changed my life. I have ALL of my friends here in Florida begging to come with us on our next trip so they can try skiboarding! I look forward to all the new amazing things I will be trying this next trip. More boxes, jumps, rails, and some tree skiing. I attempted the tree skiing but my rentals didn’t have enough float to them :o(

I promote the sport as much as I can. Anytime I hear someone mention any snow sport, I always chime in and talk about skiboarding. I appreciate what you do at SBOL, doing anything with passion deserves credit. I hope you guys are around for many, MANY years to come. It may take me a while, but I hope to have quite the REVEL8 arsenal of skiboards.

Thanks for the consideration Greco. Keep up the good work!


Heidi G, Florida


Awesome thank you very much for the help. By the way, this is the best costumer service or help I have ever had the pleasure of experiencing. I truly appreciate it.

Travis S., Piedmon, OK


Just a quick email to say thanks for the skiboards. They were
delivered successfully to sweden and (…sending via USPS…) saved me a huge
amount on import duty.

They are very nice looking, not yet had the opportunity to try them
out but I will be sure to leave another review once I have.

Thanks for everything. First time I have shipped goods from USA and I
am VERY satisfied with the service

Neal D., Colton, UK


Props to Jeff @ Spruce

I had an issue with my riser/binding setup and Jeff RAPIDLY resolved the problem!
Don’t hesitate to buy from these guys because their service is the BEST!

Thanks Jeff!

James B., Hampton, NH


salve mi sono appena arrivati gli skiboards, sono bellissimi grazie di tutto.

grazie mille


Roberto P., Castelnuovo Parano, Italy


Good evening,
Today afternoon I have received your package, the products are in perfect status (the KTP 2011 are wonderful). Thank you for the fast shipping, now I can go on holiday. 🙂
I’m really satisfied, I’ll let you know my feedback once I’ll try them!

PS: I wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Many thanksss

Mirko M., Montevarchi, Italy


went out yesterday for the first time on my new skiboards!!! awesome!!!! i was doing runs w/ease and never felt like i was in danger of lower-leg injury. as i said, i’m not a skier per se but pretty advance snowboarder. nevertheless, i tend to do pretty good @ learning sports. that said, maybe my first day was better than most peoples would be but i would still recommend them to just about anyone. it was a blast! so many of the kids on the hill were yelling from the chair as i went down how much they like the skis! too bad i forgot my cards. i coulda done some promo for you!!

if anyone asks, i’ll send them to your site. i hope to have some video for for. thx for all of your help in the process of purchasing the set up.


Antoine D., NY, NY



Thanks for the great
service! You guys definitely are second to none!

Take care,

Jenn F., Deep River, Ontario, Canada


I Would like to take the time to say thankyou!!! It is good to see that there are companies like yours that will back up the products that they sell.
I will definitly buy from and promote your company.
Again, Thanks for your help with this matter.
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all !!!

Bill M., Williamson, NY


hey g, got the beanie today, awesome, and wanted to thank you for the stickers and extras you guys threw in… keep up the great work and tks again… have a good one!…

Stoney B., Westerville, OH


I just wanted to let you know that I am amazed by the speed and quality of your customer service! WOW! I just got my boards today and I can’t wait to try them out – I ordered them Saturday night, they shipped Monday and were here Tuesday by noon. Unbelievable!

Now if only I could find a full service ski shop in the area that provided service like that for tuneups… The last “full service” place I took my skis to messed up the bindings on one pair so badly that one wasn’t even close to the same size as the other (the boot slid right out – they must have only done one ski or something). I live about an hour from the closest full service place, so I was not amused.

Anyway, thank you so much for great service – I hope to get them tested at the mountain so I can ride them tonight!

Have a great day!

Leslie G., Greenfield, NH


Thank you. I am incredibly impressed with your customer service. I will make sure to recommend your business to anyone interested in the sport. Thanks for your help.

Michelle C., Centerport, NY


Just got my BWP’s and Deeluxe 225’s in the mail and boy do they look sweet. i managed to get the right size boot on the first try and Greco hooked me up with a crap load of stickers. when i first placed my order Greco sadly informed me that the boots wouldnt be shipped till the 16th, then come to find out they somehow shipped anyway and even arrived a business day earlier than they were supposed to! i already got a custom insert in the bad boys and had them molded and they feel great, not to mention the boards look sick and i love how easy the receptors are to adjust. I cant wait to get these babies out on the mountain and thanks a million again Greco!

Steve M., Okemos, MI


I called greco sunday afternoon expecting a voicemail, left him a message i was looking for a 08 style tree. I got a call from him monday with a jaw dropping price on one. I asked him why it was such a good deal and he replied with “I want to get you back out there quickly”. How do you reply to that over the phone? It was a pretty kick ass thing to do greco. I told him i also wanted to pick up a set of KTPs and Elite 2s. He gave me the price and i again responded in shock. I told him he didnt have to hook me up so well, i was more than willing to pay more than that. He replied that he likes to take care of the people active on the forums and going to the meets. Greco, you’re a stand up guy and your passion shows that it runs deep. Anways, on to the sweet shot!

Marshall H., Bethel, OH


My KTP’s arrived yesterday and I just wanted to say thanks for the service (especially the shipping and packing!). Also, thanks for assembling them, saving me the trouble last night! I shall certainly be ordering from you again and recommending you to everyone who will undoubtedly ask me about them when I’m over in Europe next month. I’ll be taking the GoPro with me so I’ll get some pics for the forum.

Thanks again,

Martin W., Billericay, UK


thanks greco the skiboard finally arrived.

As always you are the best

Paolo Q., Soliera Modena, Italy


Hi Greco,

I got the boards today and the shipment was in good shape.Thank you very much it’s always a pleasure to do business with you. I’ll give some cards and stickers away in les Arcs in 2 weeks.

Bonne fin de journée ! (Good evening in French).

Kyril P.G., Paris, France


Hi Greco

Revel8s arrived today and looking great.

UK taxes worked out pretty well – thanks for that!


Jack H., Cockermouth, Great Britain


I would just like to let you know that I have received the skis and I’m very happy with the services and will defantly do business with you again.

Thanks you

Mathias Z., Geneva , Switzerland


Wanted to let you know I just got my Revel8 Revolts with bomber2 bindings at the front door today. Everything was in perfect condition, and I cannot wait to get out on the hill and try them out!
I appreciate everything and I respect what you are doing for our sport!

thanks again

Ryan N., Basye, VA



It’s Ryan again.

The Green Condors look great. I just got them. Perfect size/color/design and etc.
Thank you for the stickers and cards too. I will keep you updated.

Best regards,

-RyanY., SLC, Utah


I know many of y’all already know what a great experience it is buying from Greco, I have been fortunate enough to experience it myself now as I purchased a set of KTP’s yesterday. I had an e-mail from Greco within 15 mins thanking me for my purchase and asking me for some info like height/weight/age etc that didn’t get transmitted (dumb paypal). He answered every e-mail I sent him lickety split!!! And I even had an E-mail from Jeff @ Spruce the next day with an explanation about a DIN setting with a bad knee. Just awesome, I am excited.

I have also dealt with Summit, Doc answered my questions and the boys on the phone also did but it just felt different. I felt more coerced into a given board/product vs. dealing with the folks here. The time it took to get a response on E-mail was also much greater. It on average took 3-4 days for a response from Doc vs. 30-45 mins for Greco.

I can honestly say I will be doing all of my future shopping and purchases of skiboards right here at Revel8!!!

John B., Birmingham, Alabama



Just to let You know. I am very happy with my new skiboards! They arrived today here in the Netherlands (after a week in customs) and they look awesome. I can’t wait to hit the snow next week in the Alps and try them out. Thanks very much for the perfect service.

Rob H., Mierlo, Netherlands


Dear Greco:
I received the Revolt Fr33dom today in Hong Kong. What a excellent board 🙂 and I would like to say thank you so much again for your fast responses and shipping. Willl def buy again !!!

Thank you

Joseph K., Hong Kong



Can not speak English.
If have a mistake I’m sorry.
Item arrived.
Cool design.
Enjoy full.
Thank you!

Yuta K, Osaka-shi, Japan



Hi Greco,

Skiboards arrived! Just want to say thank you for you help and they are absolutely amazing!
Can’t wait to get them on the snow.

Stephen D., BELFAST County Down, GB



Hi G,

The goods have arrived in a perfect order.


Nenad M., Dubai, AE



Hey Greco,

I just got the Rockets in the mail today – they look awesome! Thanks for getting them to me so quickly. I can’t wait to try them out.

Thanks again,

Aaron W., Scituate, MA




Thank you. I love the revolt skiboards. I am ripping up the slopes. I can’t wait to put the romp boards on the Lenz bike. The ski boards are awesome.

James W., Denver, CO



I hope my new boards are as awesome and fast as your customer service. Have happy Thanksgiving!!

Kurt C., South Jordan, UT



Just want to let you know everything arrived safe and on time! I’m happier than I was on Christmas. Lol. This looks like a sick set up. I’m heading upstate on Sunday for the virgin run. Ill let you know how I make out. Thanks again for great products, shipping, packaging, and service.

Joe R., North Haven, CT



Hi Greco.
I have reveived the products today. I would like to thank you for the great service throughout the ordering and your consideration in international shipping. (price label)
Thank you

Wonsuk J., Toronto, Canada



just wanted to let you know the pkg arrived in great shape and the blades are gorgous. son is really looking forward to trying them out.

Lorrie I., Creemore, Canada



Just wanted show my appreciation to Greco and the SBOL team, the service was top quality and needless to say that the DLP’s were amazing!

I was so excited when i saw the long cardboard box marked by usps lying on my door steps, opened it straight away. I was surprised to see how well packed everything was. There was even extra goodies packed in the bag!

And the boards, wow… they were nothing like the salomon snowblades that i’ve been riding on, it has quality built right through it, it’s summer here in NZ right now but I cant wait to take it out to the snow park to try it out! I’ve been a skier until my mate from Korea convinced my to give the blades a try, i immediately fell in love with the freedom of it all. Much much better than skiing, so i bought my self some blades and they’ve served me well. Until i found out about skiboards and SBOL, wont be going back to blades any time soon!

So THANK YOU SBOL for the great service and amazing board, and for all the people outside of the US, don’t hesitate to buy from SBOL; i live halfway across the world and got the boards in exactly 14 working days so you can be assured about your purchase. I’ll be out in the mountains handing out SBOL cards to everyone I see!

Henry L., Auckland, NZ



Hello Greco!
My name is Austin and I would just like to start off saying that your products are amazing! My first time out on revolts I knew by the way they felt that I had something special under my feet! I have been preaching revel8 boards and products ever since.
My main reason for emailing is to ask if I can add business cards to my order placed this morning. I had received a bunch from Dave Bloom at Mt Creek early this season, but I’ve handed most of them out. I currently work at Bear Creek (small resort with focus on newbies and terrain park) where I see customers constantly, and love to talk about my boards to all ages of riders.
Email me if you have any questions about my order, and I can’t wait to rep revel8 and the junk show!! Thank you for your time and your amazing products!!

Austin W., Kutztown, PA



Dear Greco and Skiboards online
After purchasing my Condors and hitting Perisher and Charlottes Pass this winter,i must say that the skiboard motto is indeed plausible.
Everywhere i went my boards handled it.Even the off piste stuff. Great conversation starter too.
Once again i just like to say im “HOOKED”
Fookin awesome…..Cheers-Andy 🙂

Andrew B., Smithfield, Australia



Greco thanks for everything. You are the kindest business owner I have ever met 🙂
I really appreciate what you have done for me. You deserve the best.
Best regards,

Cem T., Narlidere, Turkey



Hi Greco,

Just wanted to let to know that today (just in time for christmas), our postman delivered the skiboards for my son. They look awesome!
No additional documents to fill out or to present.
According to the usps website, customs cleared the good last night, and only 15 hours later, they were delivered.

Thanks a lot for a very good product, excellent packaging and extremely good communication and follow-up.

Keep up the good work!

Merry Christmas!

Marijke A., Antwerp, Belgium