Deeluxe Boot Sizing Info

When you first put your liners on they will feel uncomfortable. This is because the liners are not yet molded. You are going to think they don’t fit. Before you call us to return, please do this simple SHELL TEST:

1. Take the liners out of your boots.
2. Put your foot back inside the shell, stand up, and push your toes to the front of the boot (not squished).
3. See how many fingers you can get between your heel and the back of the shell. Fingers on top of each other NOT side by side. Finger Test
4. If you can get 1-2 fingers back there, from our experience we have found the boots will fit once the liner is molded. If you get more (say three+ fingers), the boot will be too big. If you cannot get even one finger back there the shell is too small.
5. If your boot shell and liners are the same size, the liners will fit after you mold them.

This is purely a guideline and what has worked for us, it is your decision whether or not you want to keep this size or return the boot. Remember, once you mold the liners or wear them anywhere but on the carpet, the liners are yours.

If you still want to return the boots, you must call or e-mail us for an RA number.