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  1. No prob man it's all cool
  2. Sadly, I got bad news yesterday and will have to cancel my plans to go due to work restrictions.

    I do engineering and i've got a guy flying out from california to do some testing the first two weeks of march so we can close out this project and i cant miss it.

    Always another year i guess

  3. Mavrick my man, still planning on going to Midwest meet? and what's the plan if you are?
  4. Just to be sure talk to him too just for safety. And it may be cramped because another rider from NY may be tagging along with him but that's not confirmed yet
  5. sweet! Thanks for talking to himm. I'll go ahead and put in the dates for vacation! Looks like a kickass Hill(lol)!
  6. I talked to brian and he said there is room in the fit we should be fine
  7. Welcome to the forum
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