SBOL will be closed from June 29th to July 28th. Orders placed during this time will be shipped on July 30th.
Note: Orders for Spruce longboards with no bindings CAN be filled during this period.

Conversation Between EmptiMind and Greco

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  1. Oh, and that 20 message limit for PMs sucks! Hah.
  2. G you're ridiculously awesome. That puts them right about within my spending limits for my next paycheck.

    Thanks a lot. Think I have to buy them now.
  3. Hah, the new Avatar is great G.
  4. yeah, dave cox will be there for sure and he has a ton of boards
  5. Hey G, do you Demo Revel8's anytime? Like during the Tahoe thing, think you will? I'd love to get out on some other boards, and see what my next purchase is.
  6. i don't ride park too much anymore. last time was last april at breck and i was on city's.

  7. G, what's your favorite park board? Your personal favorite? :P
  8. Greco, you're truly an asset to the skiboarding world. Without you, I'd probably be on some crappy twin-tip skis!
  9. thanks man. i'm glad you're a happy customer and skiboarder! thank you for joining the community.

  10. Hey Greco, thanks for being so awesome! Without you, I never would've ended up with the awesome boards on my feet, and the ripped jacket on my floor! Really, what you're doing for Skiboarding is great. Keep it up. Also, Thanks for the Revolts! You got them out so fast, and the bindings fit my boots perfect. It's like you knew what I was wearing!
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