Northwest Skiboarders

  1. EmptiMind
    Woo two Washingtonians! Although, Rie, you're pretty close to not Washington.
  2. rie202
    IM a washingtonian. my cousins live in spokane. i go up there sometimes. i might head up there sometime soon. idk
  3. EmptiMind
    Who is your cousin? :P Everyone in Spokane knows everyone else, maybe I know them. :P
  4. Manlig
    Whuttup my fellow Washingtonians!
    I'm over on the west side- Seattle area. I ride Snoqualmie mainly- but crystal, mission ridge, steven's pass are all on my list this season. I'm new to the forum and on Skiboards- so it'd be great to meet people and grab some pointers from y'all.
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