I received a vistor message concerning about how to set up various different skiboard bindings as touring set ups. Here are my final conclusions after a lot of experimentation.
The very best touring set up is the Receptor binding with the backcountry touring kit parts . The touring kit parts do not work with other bindings and are specifically designed to work with the Receptor.
Other alternatives which are satisfactory and work pretty good are a stock zero binding with telemark cables , or a stock Line FF pro binding with telemark cables . One caveat , is that Full tilt boots have a slightly different design to the toe then other regular ski boots and although I got them to work in Zero bindings , I wasn't successful to get them to work well in the Line FF pro bindings because of the somewhat narrower width of the Line FF pro heel bale . I was able to get all other model ski boots to work well in the Line FF pro binding . The BTK ( Backcountry Touring Kit) with the Receptors works well with all downhill ski boots including Full tilts .

Here is a simple touring set up on the Zero stock binding using telemark cables .

I have not been able to get the Bomber Elite 2 binding to work in a satisfactory way . The reason is that the bale width for the toe and heel are too narrow for the touring application to work successfully . Crazy-Boy1 , I think , is working on modifying his Bomber binding to work and I am looking forward to his report , but I think his solution will involve some machine work .
The advantage of the Receptor/BTK solution is that it restricts torque on the front of the boot much , much better then the stock Zero and Line FF pro solutions . This is most important when traversing on steep firm slopes or using crampons on your skiboards and is less important in powder slope or moderate slope ascents . If you have a Zero or Line FF pro binding and want to try a touring set up check out the link and trip report below to see how to do it . You buy skins and trim them to fit to your skiboards. You just buy telemark cables and lay them across the front bale , put the toe of your boot into the heel bale and lock the cable for climbing . Once you get to the top you remove the cables and skins turn your boot around and lock in . You can use the front lever of a Line ff pro or Zero binding as a heel elevator . You should apply blue or red locktite to the front lever retaining screws to avoid the screws coming loose when used as a climbing assist . Here are pictures and a report.


More information about the design process of the BTK for the Receptor binding and it's unique features and improvements over the simple touring set up for the Zeros and Line FF pros can be found here.