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    Ok, so we braved the east coast ice storm on Wednesday and made it to Windham! Conditions were crap, but as long as there was white stuff on the ground, Iím there!

    Snow surface on the mountain was frozen granular. I started out with my boots center mounted to the bindings. I strapped them on and skated to the lift. It was pretty much the same effort as my old 8-hole Line Pros, but much lighter! Off the lift, I began to carve. WOW! These things could turn on a dime! Moving around on these things were effortless! I didnít have any issues stopping. The surface conditions though killed my legs after a few runs. The snow was chunky, so to prevent myself from tipping over I had to keep pulling up on the tips. It gave me even better control through the crud, but as the cost of my legs! When I hit a patch of untouched, deep snow, I felt that I probably could have easily coasted over it if I could pull my tips up higher. Since they were already shot, I just kinda stopped on top of it.

    Halfway through the day, I adjusted the setback on the receptors. I moved the 4-hole setup back the 1/4inch it offers. BIG difference. Much less effort was required plow through the chunked snow and I was still able to keep all maneuverability even riding backwards.

    The springy-ness of the board was excellent! Without making my squirrely, I was able to pop off snow mounds effortlessly and get some air. Much, much better than my old boards.

    As for the Receptors, being able to set them back is a big plus! The only thing that is going to happen with any aluminum binding (as opposed to my old 8-hole plastics) is that they get cold and stay cold. If there is snow on your boot and you step into them, it compresses it into ice. I was using my leashes to break it off.

    Overall, very impressed with the quality and performance of this setup. Although conditions weren't optimal, they did a spectacular job. I am going to Stowe later this week, so we'll see how they fare up there. I'll keep everyone posted!

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    Great to hear you had a blast in crappy conditions... just wait till good conditions-you;ll be even more thrilled! Good to hear about setting the receptors back too! awesome!
    C U N DA SNOW!

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