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    I'm looking for a new gear bag and need some recommendations.

    My 12 year old wheeled duffel has developed some drain holes from dragging it over too many gravel parking lots. This thing is huge and I can't help but fill it up with boots, clothes and stuff. But, when I do that it feels like I have have a dead body in it.

    I'm looking for a bag to fit just essentials in (boots, ski clothes and civies). It has to have good wheels, maybe a retractable handle and backpack straps would be great for carrying across gravel.

    I usually take 3 bags on a trip: the skiboard bag, the rolling duffel and a personal bbackpack for shaving kit etc. that goes on the bus/plane with me.

    Any suggestions on brands or features to replace my old wheeled body bag with?
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    If you mean for plane travel I use a sportube3 with boards, bindings, boots, clothes, helmet stuffed inside. That will put it right at the max weight limit for most carriers. That is the only bag I check.

    Then i use a ebags motherload tls as my carry on.

    This way I do not have to pay any extra fees for extra luggage, with most carriers.

    If you are not talking about plane travel then I would not recommend the sportube because it is a bitch to open and close, though you could theoretically strap it to your roof rack if you have one. GGO Co-Founder

    Check out a review of our bindings (Thanks Rob)

    My setup:
    DLP/Ktps (randomly switch)
    Condors, not rockered (powder/crap conditions board)
    GGO soft boot bindings
    Ride RFL Snowboard Boots
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