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  1. #1 Purgatory - Durango, CO - Anybody have thoughts? 
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    I like old school, more "authentic" places to ski. Anyone spent any time at Purgatory and have some thoughts to share? Any thoughts on Durango itself and the surrounding area?
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    I'm a fan of Durango but not of Purgatory. We skied there three days back in '08 or '09. We found the mountain to be difficult to get around. There were a lot of flat spots. The lift attendants made several derogatory remarks about our boards which didn't help us like the place.

    I like Wolf Creek much better. It's about an hour-in-a-half from Durango. It has a great old-school feel. The town of Pagosa Springs is very charming with its famous hot springs. The people at the resort were super nice, and they had a great selection of eats at their restaurant.

    I also really love Powderhorm Mountain outside of Grand Junction and Monarch Mountain outside of Salida. Both are friendly old-school resorts with some nice terrain.

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    The resort was recently bought out by James Coleman, a New Mexico millionaire, who also owns Sippapu and Arizona Snowbowl. He has been dumping a ton of money into all the resorts in the form of improvements. I know he recently added a backcountry snow cat operation to Purgatory. As Sempai says, the town of Durango has a great reputation as a not too big ski town, but the resort lacks the thrill of other Colorado locations. By coincidence, Doc and Summit Skiboards are based in Durango now. You do have Telluride nearby, and Wolf Creek, which claims the most snow in Colorado. Plus Silverton is not too far away, which is a guide only, double black only thrill ride of a mountain. It is a cool area if you move between the resorts, but in a remote corner of the country.
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