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    My gf is thinking about getting some skiboards and I'm looking for some advice on what she should get. She came with me on my old skis a few times last year, but she wants the easier maneuverability I have on my boards. She is a beginner, only looking to stay on green to easier blue groomers at this point. She is a bigger person, so she needs something with the right combination of length, stiffness, etc to handle her weight. We live in the PNW, so the snow is usually pretty heavy and wet, sometimes slushy or icy, and not a lot of big powder days. She wants release bindings and already has boots. What models and legths do you recommend? Should she get risers? Another thread made me think Spruce Crossbows might be a good option, but it looks like they are out of stock on the Spruce website. What should we be looking for in bindings, considering she's not doing anthing aggressive?

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    I think beginner riders will get pointed to the Stickys and Crossbows as the two most versatile and forgiving options these days. A heavier rider might find the Crossbows to be a better fit so it's unfortunate they are sold out. Stickys might still be a great choice, and I think they'd be better than most if not all of the stiff traditional boards in the lineup for a beginner in PNW conditions especially if she won't be doing a lot of powder runs. Another to consider are the older Spruce 120s. Spruce riser and bindings are a must for beginners and at these lengths. I don't think the binding model really matters at that level.
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    I have 2 pairs of Spruce 120 boards for sale. Could be good option to try out the length of the crossbows now that they are sold out. You can read around the forum and about them, they are definitely not demanding.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fun Machine View Post
    I think beginner riders will get pointed to the Stickys and Crossbows as the two most versatile and forgiving options these days. A heavier rider might find the Crossbows to be a better fit so it's unfortunate they are sold out. .....
    Crossbows and Stickies would be my recommendation too but, as Fun Machine notes, the crossbows are sold out. Stickies or Revolts might be a good place to start for a larger beginner. If your wife is looking for easy boards for easy runs these might be the way to go. I would not worry about going bigger if she is bigger. I am 220 and have ridden both the Stickies and the Revolts in all conditions. The Stickies will be a bit easier to maneuver. The Revolts will provide a bit more support at the tip and tails

    My wife really likes the Head Jr Caddies that I got from Spruce Mountian Skiboards. They are 130cm Jr skis adapted to take an adult release binding. They are ideal for riders around 160lbs but at 220 I've ridden them and found them to be a blast. They are very maneuverable like shorter skiboards but have a longer edge for managing the icy conditions we get here on the east coast. They are rockered with a modestly wide tip good for plowing through the wet crud you get in the PNW.

    The used Spruce 120s are a good blend of ski-like stability and skiboard nimbleness. I rode nothing but these for several years and so did my wife. Her only complaint was they felt a bit wide which is why she switched to the narrower Caddies.

    Stickies -

    Revolts -

    Caddies -

    Spruce 120s - Check out used listings
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    She is going to be thrilled with whatever you get her on that is not skis! 12 years ago at 37 the hubby wanted to get me on the hill, but I could not handle skis. I started with Solomon Snowblades, quickly jumped to Head 94s which I outgrew in no time to Rumspringa/MaryJanes and then Revolts. The Revolts opened a whole new world in speed and stability. Moved up to ALP/DLPs, and those were the go-to for years that helped me progress to the point where I can keep up with him anywhere any time (except double black diamonds!
    Whether you get ahold of Revolts, DLPs, Spruce 120s, or the newer RVL8 boards I haven't even tried yet, she is going to LOVE skiboards! I am forever grateful that Chad got me on the hill with these boards, and she will love it too. SO much fun!
    One caveat: Don't start her on anything really wide. Revolts/DLPs are about perfect as far as a beginner being able to edge but still having float. Maybe someone else can speak to the Spliffs, but based on my experience, I'm not sure about more than 11.0 underfoot for a beginner...
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