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    My revolt Trees just came in the mail today, and I immediately mounted my spruce pro bindings, and set off to Shawnee Peak for some night skiing. Here was my experience:

    >First thing I noticed after putting them on was how buttery they were (probably due to the untouched hot wax job from SBOL)
    >As I made my way toward the lift I found it difficult to skate because of how slick they were.
    >No problems with the lift (poles might have been nice for my first day out though)
    >Getting off the lift I really noticed how slippery they were (I actually ran my finger along the edge to see if it was even sharp)
    >Once I got going I could switch from front to back with extreme ease.
    >After I felt more comfortable on them I started to go faster.
    >Once I got going and really started getting into turns and cutting hard, I could feel them digging in pretty well.
    >I did have 2 spills from my outside board over rotating then slipping off its edge (still don't think i have that touch yet)
    >All in all it was an enjoyable experience

    But really my question is about how slippery they were. Looking the long way down the board I notice the edges are angled like this:



    NOTE: this is not to scale, and isn't this obvious

    Is is supposed to be like this?
    Do I need to get it tuned a specific way (potentially to correct it)?
    Do I just need to carve at a deeper angle (and not be a casual)?
    Was I supposed to have anything done on them before riding them?
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