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Thanks to all the riders and sponsors for making this event a GREAT success.

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2006 Wachusett Triple Challenge Results
Pro’s Am’s
Box Jam 1st – Ethan Mitchell (tie)
1st – Kirk Thompson (tie)
1st – Ben Wannamaker (tie)
1st – Mike Ponessa
2nd – Jon Fischer
3rd – Dave Lynam
Big Air 1st – Adam Lynam
2nd – Ben Wannamaker
3rd – Ethan Mitchell
1st – Dave Lynam
2nd – Matt Hein
3rd – Jon Fischer
Slopestyle 1st – Ben Wannamaker
2nd – Kirk Thompson
3rd – Adam Lynam
1st – Jon Fisher
2nd – Matt Hein
3rd – Mike Ponessa

To compete in the open Amateur Division of the 2006 Wachusett Triple Challenge on February 26th you’ll need to register. The $50.00 price includes 1 all day lift ticket ($48.00 value) and the event registration fee (regularly $25.00). This equals saving of $23.00 if purchased separately the day of the event and guarantees your spot in the competition. Wachusett Mountain

2 reviews for Wachusett Triple Challenge Amateur Division Registration

  1. 5 out of 5

    Michael MacKay

    You better be there.

  2. 5 out of 5

    mark carraro

    make sure you show up, don’t be a box.

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