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Bent Films 2008 Buggard Mouse, A Kooks ‘A Chargin’, Skiboarding DVD

Bent Films does it again and is single handedly keeping professional skiboard film production alive. Rider, Poet, Artist, Musician, Film Maker Ben Wannamaker, owner of Bent Films, has once again put together a purely unique, fun DVD showcasing skiboarding from all over the world. This time around, in addition to amazing riding and tricks, Ben is trying to impart his and other pro’s knowledge to the younger skiboarding generation with tips on cliff jumping, fakie carving and jumping, buttering, switchups, shifties, fast slides, back slides and pretzels. This isn’t your typical trick/tips video. It’s more like watching you favorite pros do their thing and then hear them comment a bit on what they find are the key things you need to know in order to be on your way to taking their spot at the next world cup.

Buggard Mouse contains featured sections of the following riders:

  • Brett “Condor” Connor
  • Adam Lynam
  • Shinji Osada
  • Shuichi Ichihashi
  • Saimon Fujita
  • Bailey Mitchell
  • Kirk Thompson
  • Ben Wannamaker

with additional footage of Roberts Pundurs, Nils Jansons, Kevin Boate, Ethan Mitchell, Matt Hein, Branden
Harding, Mike Killmeyer, Dave Lynam, JR White and others.
Filmed on location at Mt. Tremblant QC, Belleayre Mtn. NY, Sugarbush VT,
Predeal Romania, Mt Avila QC, Berthoud Pass CO, Winterpark CO,
Whistler BC, An Airplane, An Airport, Toronto ON, Haliburton ON, Wachusett MA.
Running Length – 25:29 +10:41 Bonus section including crash footage.


1 review for Bent Films 2008 Buggard Mouse Skiboarding DVD

  1. 5 out of 5

    Kirk Thompson

    I finally got Buggard Mouse and watched it… and I was extremely impressed. The reviews I had read had not prepared me for how good the video was as a whole. This video has a feel that has been missing from most other skiboarding videos that have been on the market. Although I thought the riding in White Dwarf was great, I thought that the overall video had a ‘cold’ feeling that just showed the tricks and didn’t reveal much about the riders. This video fixed that.

    Buggard Mouse is extremely entertaining. The riding is pretty top notch. Its sort of if you combined the tech rails of White Dwarf with the airs of the old flicks, and threw in commentary and other footage that really makes the video come alive. Admittedly, a lot of the footage has been seen before (in low internet quality), and it isn’t as long as most people are probably hungering for, but you have to factor in that this video pretty much exhausts the world’s supply of skiboarding footage right now… The problem with getting new footage right now is that when anything is filmed, it always gets immediately posted online because everyone wants to see it quickly, and no one wants to save the good footy for a flick like this. Everyone better be saving their best stuff for Ben’s new flick!

    As far as the trick tips go, they are educational, but very entertaining. If anyone ever watched FronSideFilms old trick tips video, you know how boring that got after hearing the same thing explained over and over. Ben managed to throw in good tips while keeping the story entertaining with this video.

    Great riding, good music, funny commentary… overall this vid is just really entertaining. It has a lot of replay value to check out the random stuff throughout it, and some of the tricks on this are getting so technical you have to watch it several times to even be able to put a name on it. Overall great video.

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Bent Films 2008 Buggard Mouse Skiboarding DVD

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