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Deeluxe Track 225 (Formerly Raichle SB 423) Hard Boots

The Track 225 may be the worlds most comfortable
boot for skiboarding with 4×4 non-release bindings. The 5-position flex and support mechanism guarantees spot-on
individual adjustment and features an extremely comfortable walk mode, ideal for skiboarding. With
its balanced combination of shell and thermoflex liner, the Track 225 is designed for heavy-duty
use on all surfaces. Click to read a review from a new Deeluxe boot owner. The Thermoflex liner should be molded at a ski shop with boot liner molding capabilities to
ensure maximum comfort. All Deeluxe boots are a “D” width, which
gives just about every foot enough room
and a comfortable fit.
Deeluxe boots come in Mondo sizes. Click for more information on sizing.

ATTENTION: These boots are not DIN compatible and will not work with Spruce risers/release bindings.

Sizing Conversion
Mondo US Men US Women Euro UK
24 6 4.5
24.5 6 6.5 38 5
25 7 5.5
25.5 7 7.5 39 6
26 8 8.5 40 7
26.5 8.5 9 41 7.5
27 9 9.5 42 8
27.5 10 43 9
28 10.5 9.5
28.5 11 44 10
29 11.5 45 10.5
29.5 12 46 11
30 13 47 12
30.5 13.5 12.5
Features Deeluxe Thermoflex Liner


1 review for Deeluxe Track 225 Hard Shell Snowboard Boots

  1. 5 out of 5

    Harry Smith

    These are just amazing boots. Everyone told me that before I bought them…but really, how good can they be? Well, they are amazing! Very high quality construction and fit/finish. Very nice adjustability and walk modes. I love the 2nd buckle angle….it really pulls the heel in nice and snug. I also love the way the first buckle is backwards — I have had that buckle pop open many times during carves with regular ski boots on. Just a great improvement overall. I would have bought ’04 – ’05 model, but my size is hard to find (especially this late in the season). All I can say is that I’m glad I spent the money. I was getting worried that I would have to buy some really nice ski boots and pay a couple hundred more for a custom boot fitter (my feet are wide). So, these actually ended up SAVING me money I think. The ThermalFlex liners……WOW…that’s the least I can say about them. They are so easy to mold and fit perfectly to your feet. I have pressure points because my feet are wide, but these shells are wide enough to let the liner expand out and relieve those pressure points. They completely snugged up around my entire foot, while also giving enough room to be comfortable. They really are like putting on a nice pair of socks they fit so well!! I also never thought I would like the curved base so much, but that is a huge improvement over ski boots when it comes to walking around. Stairs are no problem!

    Highly recommend these! They have enough adjustments to fit your needs.


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Deeluxe Track 225 Hard Shell Snowboard Boots

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5.00 out of 5
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