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Click here to download the censored SB3 trailer (quicktime, 5.3mb, 1min)
You asked for it and now it’s here!! Everything the original has….but just
a lot more! Bonus footage, extra phat tracks, The tales get just a little
bit creepier and a lot more crazy. On the slopes and off, these
jackasses do it all. The trixs in this video are only for the Big Boys. Rated PG-13, contains nudity, violence and explicit content. This one’s only for the mature audience and not recommended for the young or faint at heart. This video includes a free CD soundtrack from Hopeless Records. Featuring the music of Bad Religion, The Ataris, Hieroglyphics, The Queers, Jolt45, Thrice, Blood Of Abraham and more!!
Directed by Boomer and edited by “720” editor Robert Garry (ntsc only)


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SB3: Tales From The Crew Skiboarding Video *Uncensored* (VHS)

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