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Click here to download the trailer (quicktime, 6.1mb, 1:40min)
Featuring the world’s best skiboarders showing how they do it and how you can too.
From 180’s to 720’s, Grabs, rails and more……
Featuring Winter X Games Gold Medalists Neal Lyons and the United Skiboard Series
2 time Big Air World Champion Brinton Gundersen. Neal and Brinton will take you into
the winter park with style. Plus bonus footage of all the rockstars in the skiboarding
industry showcasing their best skills. Sanctioned by the (WSF) World Skiboard Federation,
this is THE video for all those wanting to know.
Directed by Boomer and edited by “720” editor Robert Garry (NTSC only, Released in 2001)


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Skiboarding Trix & Tips Video (VHS)

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