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Quest II: The Unholy Snow, fire, rain and plenty of air. Boomer and crew continue
their twisted journey into the soul of aggressive skating and creating history
with the leaders of the new school in skiboarding. This film will blow your unholy mind.
Aaron Feinberg, Zach “Webby” Murphy, Bryan Bell, Nik Poderick, Arlo Eisenberg,
Rawlinson Rivera, T.J. Webber, Ernie Villarino all are on there quest, and more.
This is the film that introduces a sport that will chill you to the bone……Skiboarding.
Featuring the best going big in the snow on skiboards, bigger, faster and higher……
just when you thought it couldn’t get any cooler than this. The skating is amazing,
the riders are sick and the soundtrack is just awesome. FrontSide Inc. Films has
truly taken it to the next level. Footage from Italy, trail through the midwest, including
Milwakee, Chicago to New York, Squaw Valley, Mammoth, CA and the heart of it
all, LA………………………………….. Unnatuaral, ungodly and just simply UnHoly. (VHS, Released in 1996

Click here to download the Real Player, Skiboarding Trailer for QuestII.


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Quest2: The Unholy, Inline Skating Video (VHS)

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