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“Two Plancker Knuckle Draggers”
is the 2nd skiboarding video from the makers of SB1: A Skiboarding Journey and SB2.  This time FrontSide films is covering not only the slopes and back country, but also the the top skiboarding contests in the country. From the X Games, US Freeskiing Open, the East Coast Super Tour, The Moutain High Skiboard Classic,Austria,  France,  Japan, Stratton and Whistler,  this one’s got it all.  This video is full of new tricks,  new moves and new riders.  Featuring the stars of SB1,  Neal Lyons,  Mick Nick,  Bryce Raney,  Tayt Tindal, Micah Rhoese and some fresh faces going where none have gone before.  With Serge Mahue,  Brinton Gunderson,  Chiaki Ito, Eric Pollard,  Jarred Flaherty and introducing 1999 summer X Games In-Line winner Nicky Adams,  this follow up video is full of the new breed going bigger and better then ever before.
Includes a copy of Mother’s Milk Magazine and an SB1 & Salomon sticker. (vhs, nths,  56min, Released in 1999)

2 reviews for Two Plancker Knuckle Draggers Skiboarding Video (VHS)

  1. 3 out of 5

    Maura Barrette (store manager)

    this film came out when skiboarding was almost at its peak, and to see how far the styles and tricks came from SB1 makes you apreciate the sport that much more. Plus some of the first railriding I ve seen on skiboards(Brinton’s fall!!!)

  2. 3 out of 5

    Martins Miculis

    The first skiboarding video i saw , got it from salomon shop staff, when bought snowblades, crap but still – got to see this great video.. it was my only one to watch – i counted some 20 times in 2 years! VERY nice, old days..!

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Two Plancker Knuckle Draggers Skiboarding Video (VHS)

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