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“Snowboard Boots aren’t just for Snowboarders”

Introducing the first all aluminum snowboard boot binding for skiboards. By adapting the Ride binding platform GGO has given snowboard boot the support they need to perform when using skiboards.
Adjustability and Customization
The GGO Spine comes in 2 different heights which, when combined with the three Ride binding sizes, adds up to 6 different combinations for optimum fit. There are also more advanced adjustments like inset and duck foot to really make the binding your own.

Size Chart
Revel8 Receptor "Soft Red" Non-Release Snowboard Binding Risers
Quality, Durability, Performance
Aluminum is used whenever possible creating a very durable product. While using plastic may be easier and cheaper it often gets brittle with age, cold and flexes way too much. By using aluminum for the Spine, Binding, and Middle Man an extremely rigid exoskeleton is created giving great feedback and control.For Skiboarders by Skiboarders
The founders of Gadget Geeks Outdoors llc are not businessmen. We never took business classes in school. We are skiboarders who found a new and exciting way to enjoy our sport and hope to share it with you.

Pros: Why this is the best thing since sliced bread.

  • Extremely comfortable when compared to ski boots.
  • Increased feeling of connectedness to the snow.
  • Easier walking to and from the slopes, because the snowboard boot flexes with your natural stride.
  • Safer when walking, because there is rubber tread running the entire length of the boot.
  • Increased forward flex. Shin bang is a thing of the past
  • Lighter

Cons: Nothing’s perfect. If any of these are deal breakers, then hard-shell ski boots might be the better fit.

  • Takes a little longer to strap on vs. hard boot bindings. About 30 sec. longer for the average skier.
  • Must check buckle tightness after every fall.
  • Non-releasable bindings
  • Does not fit in most current ski board bags. I currently use the power strap on my setup to tie them together, and others have been using golf bags. An RC 140cm bag will hold our snowboard boot setup if the highbacks are folded down. Even with them folded it is very very tight.
WARNING: These bindings do not release in normal use. The use of non-release
bindings may increase the risk of lower leg injury, especially among children


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Weight 11.00 lbs

GGO Soft Snowboard Boot Non-Release Skiboard Bindings *Regularly $400.00*

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