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Note: This product comes assembled with everything you need to start using snowboard bindings with your 4×4 skiboards. (Head bindings, Head speeddiscs, RVL8 risers, RVL8 highback wings, 3rd straps and hardware)

The holy grail of skiing has always been to chuck your uncomfortable hard ski boots and enjoy the soft comfort of snowboarding boots. While this is just a pipe dream for traditional skiers, skiboarders on the other hand have been experimenting with this option for many years. Through individual experimentation and community knowledge sharing here is what we’ve learned up to this point: A) While you can take any snowboard bindings and attach them to quality 4×4 skiboards the resulting ride is so poor, with zero lateral support, it outweighs any softboot comfort gains.

B) For this to work 4 things are required:

  • RISER – to lift the bindings. Preferably a solid, lightweight riser for more precise edge control
  • RIGID, WINGED HIGHBACK – to provide a lateral support structure and a rigid surface for a third strap.
  • WIDE THIRD STRAP – to secure your boot completely and provide enough lateral support for carving.
  • ALUMINUM HEEL CUP – to make the binding as rigid as possible, again to aid in lateral support for carving.

C) No snowboarding company makes a binding with these 4 features so skiboarders have had to make or modify our own.

Speeddisc Diagram
Head Modified Snowboard Bindings for Skiboards
Enter the modified Head Flatbed Snowboard bindings. High quality snowboard bindings with aluminum heel cups? – check. Solid, Lightweight Riser? – check. Third strap? – check. Rigid, winged highback? – check. Order this pair of bindings with your next board purchase, or purchase it alone to install on any 4×4 skiboards, and when you’re standing in the bar at the end of an awesome day of skiboarding wearing the same boots you skied in all day you’ll understand all the hype.


Key Features of the Head Snowboard Bindings:

  • Each size Head binding has different color options. This large binding is for men’s shoe size 10.5-14.5 (28.5-32.5)
  • Quality Head snowboard bindings with aluminum heel cups for increased rigidity
  • A pair of Head Speeddiscs.
  • Custom, RVL8 100% UHMW, risers (1 pair included, with hardware)
  • Large, wide, comfortable 3rd ratchet strap (1 pair included, installed to the RVL8 wings)
  • Rigid, winged highback via the installed RVL8 wing system (1 pair included, installed on the bindings)
  • Ankle Straps: Padded synthetic and nylon; forms quickly and snugly to boots for instant fit; tool-less micro-adjuster
  • Toe Strap: Convertible synthetic and nylon; fits snugly over or around the toe; tool-less micro-adjuster
  • Buckles: Double-axis aluminum
  • High-Back: Lightweight nylon with tool-less forward lean adjuster and molded EVA pad
WARNING: These bindings do not release in normal use. The use of non-release bindings may increase the risk of lower leg injury, especially among children


1 review for Head Softboot Bindings Modified for Skiboarding, size Large

  1. 5 out of 5

    Robert Sagal (verified owner)

    This is a first and second impression of the Head Softboot Bindings Modified for Skiboarding, size Large

    -I have been skiboarding for 30 years — on ski boots and Line or Bomber non-release bindings — in about 2014 I tried to modify Flow bindings with a third strap – -I was not happy with the results. Then I picked up a cheap pair of Sims Softboot Medium — even though I am a size 11 Large – -I knew right away it was hard to cram my boot in the binding but it did work — I could have quit there – –
    -BUT for 30 years I have done winter sports on the cheap–Having 3 sons and paying for lift tickets and lodging – -now I am 73–get a free pass at Mtn High and Mt. Ashland and time to make my own adventures more comfortable –also realizing that I have spent more $$ on bikes and ebikes than any snow sport – -I bought this unique product – -along with the riser and Head Speedisc accessory (for a 2nd board), plus a third Speedisc to use with my own riser off the Flow project. I don’t want to walk around in Ski boots anymore!!! So I am intent on making the Soft Boot work!!!
    Thanks to all the SBOL Forum participants in making this product a real winner!! I have been out twice–it takes me 4 minutes max to move the bindings from hard carving KTPs to flexy powder Rockered Condors or my third option, vintage 90 cm Line Jedi fun skiboards. The improvement over my Flow project is the Saavi Wing and the best quality straps and click in ratchets — the Head binding is top quality in the Snowboard arena – -so it works at the same level on Skiboards.
    Some think soft boots are too flexy — most of us tighten up our boots at the top of the Wall or Chair 23 – -well that is all just a habit –go ahead and tighten these –I feel my toes, arch and ball of the foot better in Snowboard boots. A better fit and walk away to the bar or the car a mile away with ease. And I can put a Speedisc on my K2 Snowboard as well — but who needs a Snowboard when more Skiboards are in the car?? No more taking a leg out and putting it back in at the top of the lift!!! Sorry Snowboarders but I don’t have time left for that inconvenience – -but you can Snowboard and Skiboard in the same day with a 4 minute switch.
    Folks –this is the Holy Grail – -up front costs but will last the rest of my snow sport life!!!
    And I get so many comments and ?s especially from Snowboarders – -I just reach in my pocket and hand em a SBOL business card – -cause talking too much costs me Skiboard time!!!!!

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Head Softboot Bindings Modified for Skiboarding, size Large

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