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Loken ApeTorch 97.5cm Skiboards

Utilizing the latest technology and the best materials, combined with the best graphics and thoroughly tested designs, Loken Industries are extremely proud to present their skiboards for the 2005/2006 season, after five years of intense development.

Apes and skiboarders have a lot in common. Both tend to like trees, apes for climbing, skiboarders for their skiboards. So, in an attempt to bring these two groups of mammals closer, Loken Industries decided to invite a Javanese flame-gibbon ( Hylobates ignis javaensis) , a species famous for igniting itself during mating, to model for our new freestyle skiboard. The fiery spirit of this proud animal, lies buried in the very core of this skiboard, and will infuse you with the same strength and agility that allows the flame-gibbon to hurl itself from tree to tree through spectacular maneuvers.

You may or may not choose to believe this. It is not, however, true.

The truth is that if you want a high performance skiboard for jumps, rails and carving, with killer graphics and a construction that will give you the same, great performance for many years, the Apetorch skiboard from Loken Industries is what you are seeking.

No mammals where hurt making this skiboard.

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Weight 12.00 lbs

Loken ApeTorch 97.5cm Skiboards

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