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Rocker 2013 Non-Release Soft Snowboard Boot Skiboard Bindings (includes it’s own riser and center puck)

Since snowboards were invented the comfort of their boots has been the envy of every skier. Now you can have that comfort when skiboarding with the new 2013 Rocker Soft Snowboard Boot Skiboard Bindings. The bindings attach to any 4×4 skiboards by just tightening 8 screws and allow you to use your soft snowboarding boots with your skiboards. All current snowboard bindings typically only have 2 straps as this is all that’s needed for snowboarding however for skiboarding more lateral support is required and 2 strap bindings fail miserably for this application. The Rocker bindings utilizes two key ingredients that allow successful softboot skiboarding: A 3rd strap and a very rigid high-back for it to attach to. These two features combine to provide the lateral support we need when carving. And the walk back to your car is amazing!

  • Works with any 4×4 skiboards (All skiboards made by RVL8 and Allz are 4×4 compatible. In addition, all of the SnowJam skiboards sold at have 4×4 binding inserts. This is not the case for SnowJam skiboards sold other places)
  • Foldable high-back for easy transportation and storage
  • One size fits most. Designed primarly for adult male boot sizes.
  • Includes 1 pair of bindings, risers and 8 mounting screws
  • 1 year manufacturer warranty
WARNING: These bindings do not release in normal use. The use of non-release bindings may increase the risk of lower leg injury, especially among children

1 review for Rocker 2014 Soft Snowboard Boot Non-Release Skiboard Bindings

  1. 5 out of 5

    Jack Jue Jr.

    I have been riding the first original prototype Rocker binding that Jake built for me . I love it. The comfort or riding with snowboard boots and sensitivity to the snow is amazing The original prototype Rocker binding did not have any riser. I first rode it with the Revel8 Soft riser and then with the plastic Edge snowboard riser. I finally bought the 2012 production version from SBOL and did a side country tour with the binding and rode in nice powder in the trees and in moguls and steep groomers at Sierra at Tahoe today . I think the production binding is great ! Overall the binding and rubber risers provide a very lightweight total binding . There is the same tight coupling to the board I feel with standard risers , the ride does not seem to be mushy at all , carving is great and the same as with standard type risers .. but I do notice that the board seems to have a less harsh ride with the rubber riser system . There seems like there is more suspension and flex that I really like . Yes the screws are unsupported and directly into the inserts but I did not notice any issues with them like that .
    There seemed to be no twist in the binding and everything seemed very rigid . I rode through deep pow and snow gets under the binding and around the screws but once you go on the groomers the board flexes and the snow gets pushed out . The rubber riser system although a bigger footprint then my Edge snowboard riser did not interfere with my crampon attachment system for my touring system . I just drilled a new hole in my crampon slightly more aft on the crampon so I could use it with the production riser system . Although snow does get under the binding on climbing in pow , I do not notice the extra weight at all . The big advantage with the production system is that it is much easier to move the binding from board to board without the riser underneath , easy to see the screws and pop them right into the inserts and you are good to go ! Be advised that the new production version does have bolt head screws and you will need to use a 10mm nut driver to get the screws in .. Also good to carry this tool with you . Like any non release bindings the bolts can get loose the first time you take the binding out into cold weather after a few runs and you may need to retighten the bolts .
    I am very pleased with the production Rocker binding with it’s integral riser . Great product !

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Rocker 2014 Soft Snowboard Boot Non-Release Skiboard Bindings

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