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The 2022 RVL8 Spliff “Cyclone” skiboards represent the culmination of over 10 years of research and testing of rockered skiboards. RVL8 had been producing traditional cambered (raised up under foot) skiboards for 6 years when they made the first ever rockered skiboard in 2012, the Rockered Condor. Rockered skiboards offer the epitome of powder performance. By rockering (angling up) the tips and tails slightly you open up a whole new world of float, but most traditionally rockered and zero cambered skiboards struggled to perform well on ice or groomed snow. There just wasn’t enough edge making contact to hold a fast line on hard snow. This is why RVL8 created the rockered AND cambered 109cm RVL8 Spliff skiboards. With 3mm over 10cm rocker combined with 6mm of camber the Spliff is the best performing sub 110cm skiboards regardless of conditions. The true one skiboard quiver. The 2022 “Cyclone” Spliff graphic was created by RVL8 customer Richard Thomas with the encouragement of the Facebook Skiboard Connection.

Here are the first comments from RVL8 prototype skiboard tester Dave Stevens – “Another Home Run from RVL8. Wonderful stability, beautifully neutral handling, extremely comfortable ride, great edge grip, and that elusive ‘Big Board’ feel, all in a very cool format. Whats not to like?” ….read more

RVL8 2016 Spliff 109cm Customer Review

Minimum rider height for best performance with:

Non release bindings is 5’9″ (175.26cm)

Release bindings is 5’4″ (162.56cm)

Width profile – 15.5/13.0/15.5cm

Rocker profile – 3mm/10cm tip/tail

Camber – 6mm

All RVL8 skiboards feature the best ingredients available:

  • The Spliff comes with two sets of binding inserts, 4×4 and 4×10 (4×10 inserts allow 3cm setback; Release risers only)
  • ABS Sidewalls
  • Signature RVL8 Blunt Tips and Tails
  • Tip to Tail Dual Carbon Fiber Beams
  • Stainless Steel 4cm x 4cm Binding Inserts
  • Laminated Poplar Wood Core
  • ISOSPEED Sintered 7500 Race Base
  • 2 layers of Bi-Axial Fiberglass
  • Full Perimeter Rockwell 48 Steel Edges
  • Rubber Foil Dampening
  • Dye Sublimated Topsheet
  • Silkscreened Base Graphics
  • Full 1 Year Manufacturer Warranty

1 review for RVL8 2022 Cambered/Rockered Spliff “Cyclone” 109cm Skiboards

  1. 5 out of 5

    Ben DAmbra (verified owner)

    First time skiboarder here. I started off the season this year riding the spliffs back to back on two different mountains. The skiboards are awesome! I had a fantastic first experience with them. We had unrealistically great conditions on the east, with 2ft of powder. Whenever I had enough speed I would coast right on top! I don’t really have much experience riding powder, and since it was my first time skiing this season my legs took a beating. I’m not sure if the skiboards require more strength to control than normal long skis, but that’s how I felt after day two. Maybe that was because of the deep powder and my lack of experience. Too many variables… Love the flexibility of the spliffs, really fun leaning back in them coasting over bumps and hitting side jumps. Super easy to initiate turns if you want to try out some tricks. Things got a little sketchy on a few icy areas but that’s to be expected. Overall super happy with the skis, I know they will perform well in the glades and that’s the main reason I got them. I will update the review at the end of the season. Thanks RVL8

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RVL8 2022 Cambered/Rockered Spliff “Cyclone” 109cm Skiboards

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