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Revel8 Adam Lynam Pro 110cm Skiboards

Adam Lynam is part of the “2nd generation” of pro skiboarders. Learning from the likes of Neal Lyons, Brinton Gundersen and Micah Rhoese, Adam adds his own style and progression upon what they have accomplished and is an integral part of what today’s skiboarding has become. In fact, Adam was the first rider to really push for longer skiboards and this 110cm model represents the first full production run of Adam’s vision. Adam’s Revel8 110cm Pro skiboards are ideal for intermediate to advanced riders interested in all mountain skiboards with maximum surface area for powder, crud and speed while still maintaining the “feel” of sub 100cm skiboards. ALP’s strive to be ridden fast in all types of conditions and will never let you down.

For best performance the recommended minimum rider height with non release bindings is 5’9″(175.26cm). With release bindings – 5’4″ (160cm)

Width Profile – 14.5/11.0/14.5cm

2 reviews for RVL8 2007 ALP 110cm Skiboards

  1. 5 out of 5

    David Stevens

    So I got to ride my new ALPs a couple of days ago. I mounted them with an FF Pro fixed binding set centre, otherwise, just as they came out of the box. Wow! These boards are fabulous. The medium/soft flex gives a very neutral feel, whilst at the same time, remaining very responsive. These boards are lightning fast edge to edge, carve like a dream, and dont chatter at all. There is no trace of tail steering, and they are not the least bit tiring to ride. In a carve, they are rock solid, and very easy to control, but their extra length gives loads more performance than the shorter boards of old. If you are thinking of upgrading to one of these dream boards, but are a little concerned about how you might manage, go for it! They are so easy to ride I would be happy to put a total novice on them, but this design is so competent that it can also perform at the highest level. Great job guys. Thanks. Dave S

  2. 5 out of 5

    Marin Kecman

    These are perfect boards for advanced to beginners. The sickest tricks are pulled on the 110 cm boards. Not too long, not too short. Carves awesome. Looks great. Good price. Taking them in really deep pow through trees is a bit tougher though, so i would recommend wider skiboards for that. But it is still doable. I got these in 2008 and there have not been any problems.. great buy overall, you will not regret these babys.

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RVL8 2007 ALP 110cm Skiboards

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5.00 out of 5
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