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Revel8 Revolt 105cm Skiboards

From Revel8’s website:
Revel8’s first skiboards, the 105cm Revolt, are engineered for all mountain AND terrain park riding. Their extra wide design is ideal for powder and speed carving while their 105cm length provides added stability in any conditions. Their moderate flex pattern is not too stiff and not too soft….ahhh, just right!
We took our 9 years of skiboarding experience and engineered what we believe to be the best skiboards ever.
Revolt 105’s Feature:

  • Sidewall Construction
  • Standard 4cm x 4cm binding inserts
  • Laminated wood core
  • Sintered base
  • Triaxial fiberglass structure
  • P-tex 900 micro-ground base
  • Full perimeter carbon steel edges
  • Full 1 year warranty

4 reviews for RVL8 2006 Revolt 105cm Skiboards

  1. 5 out of 5

    James Elksnitis

    well today we hit blue mountain, my first time out on boards in 2 years now….last time was on some busted up elan 90’s! so we started out easy today……

    the conditions today were brutal, every slope was hardpack with big lumps of powder just sitting on the slope – i hit a number of these and the revolts just cut through, no problem (and yes, each time i was sh*ttin myself thinkin i was gonna catch the tips and do some nice cartwheel action, but i never did).

    there were numerous ice patches as well and i couldn’t believe how these things stuck – i was pushing them really hard today, probably alot harder then i should have considering i have like 4 days of experience but these things took it no problem. i even surfed over an 8 foot x 1 foot deep slush puddle! lol, i should bring these to the beach next year…… waterboarding

    anyway, every other review i’ve read on these boards was exactly right – the things hold edges better than my hockey skates. if i can strap these on and within 1 hour be doing double hand drags down a steep blue run, then anyone can………..just dont be afraid of going fast, cause once you let these puppies have a little bit of breathing room, they take off……….thats the one thing about these boards, they get quick, fast. thats after 1 application of toko universal hot wax.

    summary – sh*tty day, awesome boards. i haven’t scared myself like that in a long time, LOL

  2. 5 out of 5

    Stacey Edwards

    Finally got a chance to try out my Revel8s and I totally agree with all the reviews I’ve read on these…get rid of all your old boards cuz these are the only one’s you’ll ever need! I went to a small slope (Nashoba Valley) cuz I couldn’t wait any longer (goin to Okemo on Thurs)…even though the runs were extremely short the inside of my foot was aching after an hour or so of straight carving cuz these just beg to be ridden hard…knuckle-dragging turns have never been so easy…they had a 2 ft kicker and a 20ft step down in the park and I was getting more air and stomping the landings like never before…my bindings felt tight when I shook my foot around but after a few jumps my feet kept popping out of them every time I’d stomp a landing off the 20 footer…I think these boards raised my confidence level and I was def riding harder than I usually do so my bindings def need some tightening…can’t wait to try these on a "real" slope this week…there was a flat-down box and a flat box that I was sliding across without any problem which is really great for me cuz I just started trying that kind of stuff this season…these boards def need to be ridden aggresively but if you can ride them hard they will respond…no problems at all cutting through crud either…REVEL8 ROCKS!!!!

  3. 5 out of 5

    Justin Smith

    First, some background on what I’ve skied on before I rate this bad boys. Here’s the list Snowrunners, Sled dogs, Snow Jams, K2’s, Salomon, Cannon’s, and finally Line. After all those’s I’ve broken them all to bindings to the boards them self. Except for lines. For the last few years I swore lines where the only way to go. Like i’m sure many others were in skiboarding. Well, yesterday I got and skied what I believe to be the best damn skiboard to date. I’ve riden junk and some decent ones, but these’s revel8 are the best I’ve seen. The other reviews above are great to explain there performance. I’ve read and definatly agree with them all. One side note, Don’t I repeat don’t buy cheap bindings. I’ve broken them all except Line as for the releasables never tried them. Didn’t want the extra wieght nor the heel popin out on riden backwards on my tips. A fool is someone who learns from there mistakes but a wise man is one who learns from other peeps mistakes. Take my advice and save some dough in the long run. Get Quality boards and binding and ride them for years. One quick side note, went to keystone few yrs. back on snowjams, first damn run i snaped the board in half. 60 bucks for one run. In closin, this revel8 are the best i’ve been on. As for the loken’s I would of bought if it wasn’t for the longer length in these revels. For all u ridin skiboards less then 90 cm’s bigger the better… I started when the suckers where just the size of boots and ever time i went longer it turned out for the better. Thanks Revel8, for creating the best boards ever. Peace i’m out

  4. 5 out of 5

    Jonathan Caldito

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RVL8 2006 Revolt 105cm Skiboards

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