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Revel8 / Junk Show “3 Man” T Shirt

The first shirt from the breakout skiboard series, The Junk Show, is finally here. This tall tee comes complete with Junk Show Logo, shadowed image of all three team riders, and an official emblem stamp supporting your backside from none other than sponsor, Revel8 Skiboards. Series creator Dave Bloom and team riders Brandon Enouf and Matt Hein can’t wait to get all over you…r shirt. So, what are you waiting for? Order, now!
Revel8 2012 98cm Slapdash Skiboards Up Close

100% Heavyweight Cotton
-XL Tall specs-
length – 32 inches
width – 23 inches


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RVL8 / Junk Show “3 Man” T Shirt

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