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The job of a non-release skiboard binding is to offer the tightest possible connection between your boots and skiboards. Not only is the Receptor binding one of the best at accomplishing this, it does it with beauty, style and at a very low weight – just over 1.5lbs per binding.

RVL8 Receptor non-release skiboard bindings work with all ski boots and hard shell snowboarding boots roughly from sizes 4-13. Please email us your boot’s sole length if you have concerns or check the skiboard bindings specification table. Note: Leashes are not included.


  • 1.8mm Microteeth for precise boot adjustments
  • Made entirely of high quality aluminum and steel construction
  • 6mm toe and heel bales fused under foot
  • Multiple forward and aft mounting holes for negative and positive stance positions
  • All screws are hex for reduced slippage and strippage
  • Dual toe and heel bale adjustment screws
  • Laser etched logos
  • Anodized color variety (black, gold, blue, red, silver, green, orange, purple)
  • 5 year warranty
  • Note: The toe height of the Tecnica Ten 2 and Salomon X-Access 80 ski boots will not work with the receptor bindings.
RVL8 Receptor "Black" Skiboard BindingsRVL8 Receptor "Black" Bindings
WARNING: These bindings do not release in normal use. The use of non-release bindings may increase the risk of lower leg injury, especially among children

1 review for RVL8 2024 Receptor “Black” Non-Release Bindings

  1. 5 out of 5

    Christopher Sammon

    Great bindings. The upgrade a few years back to closer/more teeth definately helps fit more boots correctly without being really tight and hard to close. I also have never had any issues with the bolts loosening up. On some cheaper bindings I would have to use loctite. With these I have no problems at all and have not once checked the bolts to find that one was loose. They also have 2 bolts per side on the boot mounts, so even if 1 did come loose it would not matter.

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Weight 5 lbs
Dimensions 9 × 3 × 3 in

RVL8 2024 Receptor “Black” Non-Release Bindings

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