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Completely new for 2009 is the Revel8 Rumspringa “Rocket” and “MaryJane”. Identical except for graphics, the Rumspringa line is more narrow then other Revel8 boards which allows beginners and experts alike to enjoy this model in slightly different ways. Less aggressive riders and beginners will find the narrow width easier to get on edge and the extra length will help them with stability. On the boots of expert riders the Rumspringa will become “Bullets” with superfast edging and effortless carving, even on ice. The standard carbon fiber beams enhance the ride with increased energy and power. The “Rocket” was designed by first time Revel8 artist and SBOL Forum member Kirk Schrecengost. The “MaryJane” graphic was designed by long time Revel8 designer Dave “Mad Scientist” Cox, also an SBOL Forum member.
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1 review for RVL8 2009 Rumspringa “Rocket” 103cm Skiboards

  1. 4 out of 5

    Richard Pitts

    I had the opportunity to try a pair of REVEL8 Rockets Saturday night. IÆm 5Æ 10ö, 180lbs and had spent all day on longboards, so when I first put the rockets on they seemed very small and I was a little unsure of what to expect. I was riding intermediate groomed runs on fairly hard pack snow with just a little soft on top.
    This was probably the best conditions for these boards and as soon as I came off the chair I could feel them coming to life. I was pleasantly surprised about how fun these were and boy are they fast (and stable). Now IÆm not going to tell you that IÆd give-up my longboards or ALPs (I love the ALPs) for these but if going fast on groomers is what you like to do, I think you would really enjoy the Rockets.

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RVL8 2009 Rumspringa “Rocket” 103cm Skiboards

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4.00 out of 5
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