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The 99cm Rigor is a collaborative effort between RVL8 skiboards and Romp. Designed by Romp founder and TeamRVL8 rider Brandon Schmit, with input from the Romp team. The Rigor is the first skiboard model built specifically to address the unique performance requirements of skibikes. RVL8/Romp "Rigor" 99cm Skiboards
  • An aggressive, stiff flexing skiboard designed for backcountry, all-mountain, and park riding
  • Asymmetric profile allows for better control in manuals and easier initiation of turns
  • Multiple mounting points (4×4 -2 +2 inserts) and options resulting in an extremely wide range of riding set-ups and skibike wheelbase fitment
  • Symmetric extended tip and tail rises allow for quick transitions to and from fakie tricks as well as lift in powder conditions
  • Optimal sidecut radius allows for maneuverability at park speeds as well as high speed edge control when carving/racing down the mountain
  • Built by RVL8 so you know it’s the highest quality you can buy.

The Rigor is designed to be an all around performer that will help aggressive skibikers progress and enjoy their riding more than ever before. It is the skiboard the Romp team has been asking for and is a solid performer for beginner to expert riders.

All Revel8 skiboards feature the best ingredients available:

  • ABS Sidewalls
  • Signature R8 Blunt Tips and Tails
  • Tip to Tail Dual Carbon Fiber Beams
  • Stainless Steel 4cm x 4cm Binding Inserts
  • Laminated Poplar Wood Core
  • ISOSPEED Sintered 7500 Race Base
  • 2 layers of Bi-Axial Fiberglass
  • Full Perimeter Rockwell 48 Steel Edges
  • Rubber Foil Dampening
  • Dye Sublimated Topsheet
  • Silkscreened Base Graphics
  • Full 1 Year Manufacturer Warranty

Width profile: 14.0/12.3/13.5cm
Length: 99cm

Minimum rider height for best performance with:
Non release bindings is 5′ 5″ (165.10cm)
Release bindings is 5′ 0″ (152.40cm)


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Weight 6.00 lbs

RVL8/Romp 2013 “Rigor” 99cm Skiboards

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