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Revel8 Tansho 90cm Skiboards

For a long time the 90cm length has been overlooked by core skiboarding manufacturers, that time has ended!
Tansho represents the first core company, sub 97cm, skiboard to be mass produced in 4 years. The 90cm Revel8 Tansho incorporates all the great features and effort put into longer skiboards over the years but in a smaller package made especially for younger or shorter riders. More experienced riders who purchase the Tanshos will be taken back to the roots of skiboarding in a time when the longest boards you could buy were 89cm.
Their shorter length and turning radius allows for tremendous fun and maneuverability while their balanced flex pattern makes for subtle carving and increased confidence. No longer do riders have to wait for a high quality traditional skiboard made by a core company, those skiboards are here.

For best performance the recommended minimum rider height with non release bindings is 5’0″(152.40cm). With release bindings – 4’10” (147.32cm)

Width Profile – 13.5/10.5/13.5cm


2 reviews for RVL8 2008 Tansho 90cm Skiboards

  1. 5 out of 5

    Alastair McLean

    Background info: I am male, am 5Æ 8ö, and about 130 pounds. This is my first real
    season on skiboards, I purchased my tanshoÆs last season but I only made it out to
    the hill for one day last year. I have never really been an avid skier however for the
    last 3 or 4 years I have gone skiing a few times in the winter. I always felt out of
    place on two long planks on the hill. I frequently saw people on cheap Solomon
    snowblades, and they always seemed to be having a blast. I started doing some
    research about snowblades, however in the end, I finally ended up on this site.
    After much thought and consideration, I opened my front door some time last year
    to find my skiboards sitting on my front step.

    But your probably wondering how I thought they performed. Well it almost felt to
    me as if they were an extension of my body. Almost like I was destined to meet up
    with these boards. After the first few runs I was used to the length and the width of
    these boards. I was surprised by how nimble they were. They could really turn on a
    dime. By they end of the first day I was confident to slowly venture down two of
    Calabogie Peaks black diamond runs (I donÆt know how they compare to bigger hills
    black runs). I have been able to return to the hill 4 times so far this season. Each
    time, I have grown more and more confident, however the only thing that doesnÆt
    change is the smile on my face. Due to the nice flex of the tanshoÆs, I find that they
    hold an edge on ice, but at the same time they are forgiving for a beginner like me.
    I can really notice the improvement after each outing, however I am still not even
    close to mastering this sport. By watching other skiers I have learnt to spin around,
    180, and ride fakie. I recently visited a smaller hill with a decent terrain park. After
    building up courage and a bit of practice I could ride a box sideways and come out
    fakie and the same on a rail that was made out of a PVC pipe. Also I hit a 10 foot
    jump with a simple grab.

    Here is a quick review on how the tanshoÆs have performed in different terrains:

    Groomers: they are light, nimble, and really fun to cruise and spin around on. They
    can still hit a pretty fast speed with a good wax despite their size.

    Bumps: I have only taken a few runs in the moguls, but I intend to practice some

    Park: Nice on the few rails and boxes that I have tried, but if I want to hit bigger
    jumps it would probably be easier to land on boards that are a little longer.

    Powder: I have ridden some powder at the side of a run that was about a foot deep.
    As long as I kept my weight on my tails I could manage my way down the run
    without eating some snow.

    Quality: Awesome durable boards, there are only a few topsheet nicks but they are
    from my own stupidity and banging them together accidentally.

  2. 5 out of 5

    Jeremy Fleming

    I am 5’4, 110lbs and began skiing about 6 years ago. This is my second season on skiboards and I found the Tanshos to be an excellent beginner board (thanks Greco for suggesting them!). My skill level has improved dramatically since I first got these boards, and I can see that there is still room for improvement, skill level wise. The Tanshos are easy to ride. I have been able to ride these boards on every slope I have ventured on (something I couldn’t do when I was a skier) and they have not let me down once! I have also found these boards to perform really well on the much hated ice (especially after sharpening my edges). I highly recommend them!

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RVL8 2008 Tansho 90cm Skiboards

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