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Revel8 2009 Tansho 90cm Skiboards

For a long time the 90cm length has been overlooked by core skiboarding manufacturers, that time has ended!
Tansho represents the first core company, sub 97cm, skiboard to be mass produced in 5 years. The 90cm Revel8 Tansho incorporates all the great features and effort put into longer skiboards over the years but in a smaller package made especially for younger or shorter riders. In addition, more experienced riders who purchase the Tanshos will be taken back to the roots of skiboarding in a time when the longest boards you could buy were 89cm.
Their shorter length and turning radius allows for tremendous fun and maneuverability while their balanced flex pattern makes for subtle carving and increased confidence. No longer do riders have to wait for a high quality traditional skiboard made by a core company, those skiboards are here. The beautiful 2009 Tansho graphic is the work of veteran Revel8 graphic designer Dave Cox.

For best performance the recommended minimum rider height with non release bindings is 5’0″(152.40cm). With release bindings – 4’10” (147.32cm)

Width Profile – 13.5/10.5/13.5cm

Tansho Close Up


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Weight 6.00 lbs

RVL8 2009 Tansho 90cm Skiboards

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