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SKS Edge Tuning Tool

SKS’s 88/89/90° edger features a 70mm file that falls deep into the side cut radius of skiboards. With proper tooth engagement, it cuts steel with the same angle of cut used by any professional machinist.
This item features:

  • ABS Plastic Handle
  • 70mm Precision Cut File

Some recommended beveling techniques:
In general, a base edge bevel enhances turning ease by putting more base and less edge on the snow, while a side edge bevel increases the bite of the edge for better control. Sometimes both the base and side edge are beveled. Other times only one edge is beveled.
1) Hard pack or ice – bevel the side edge while leaving the base edge at 90° (flat).
2) Soft snow – bevel the base edge, leave the side edge 90°.
3) A torsionally stiff or tough turning skiboard – bevel the base.
4) Bevel both the base and side edges to the same degree to reposition your 90° edge for smoother, easier turns plus a good biting edge.


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SKS Edge Tool

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