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Pocket Tool for Spruce Bindings.

The correct tool to attach Spruce Riser fasteners (and certain other skiboard binding screws) is a #3
phillips driver. The smaller, more common #2 phillips driver is likely to slip, damage screw heads, and
apply insufficient torque. Unfortunately– -while full size #3 phillips screwdrivers are readily available– –
until now there have been no suitable pocket sized drivers on the market. Custom made in Missouri, USA for SBOL and available nowhere else, these “L” drivers have a leveraged,SBOL Missouri L Driver
short end for breaking loose and final tightening of fasteners, and a longer end for faster turning. The smooth plastic body is knurled for extra grip. They’re designed specifically for skiboarders to stow in a pocket for attaching risers, retightening, or emergency repairs on the mountain without having to pack a full-sized screwdriver, or simply having a handy backup tool in addition to a proper full-sized #3 phillips
screwdriver like the Wiha Proturn 3k.

  • Dual, high-quality, hardened tool steel #3 phillips drivers
  • Acetal body is rounded for easy handling and knurled for grip
  • The correct size bit for attaching Spruce Risers
  • Compact size for convenient carry
  • designed by skiboarders for skiboarders


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Weight 1.00 lbs
Dimensions 1 × 1 × 1 in “Missouri” #3 Phillips L Driver

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