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SkySkater Soul Plate Skiboard Bindings

Attention aggressive inline skaters!!! This is for you. Over the years many have tried to produce a soul plate for skiboards so more aggressive inline skate tricks could be pulled over. Back in 2000 Line skiboards made an aluminum plate that attached to the side of their FFpro binding but it was way too small to be effective.A couple of years later a few riders from the SBOL Forum gave it ago but couldn’t make something stiff enough to support the riders SkySkater Sideview weight. SkySkater has been testing, redesigning and testing their skiboard soul plate concept for years and finally it’s ready. The SkySkater is super wide at 29.5cm and very stiff, made entirely of 6.35mm 6061 aluminum, so the problems of the past are solved paving the way for rollerbladers to crossover their soul tricks directly to skiboarding.

When you order the SkySkater you’ll receive one pair of SkySkater bindings, each with a soulplate “wing”, mounting hardware, allen wrenches and a bottle opener in the toe bail.

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Weight 6.00 lbs

SkySkater Soul Plate Non-Release Skiboard Bindings

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