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Every mountain requires you to use leashes with your non-release bindings but they don’t require you to use ones that wrap around yourPro Coil Leash installed leg.
The SnowJam pro coil leash rests nicely out of the way against your boot and is easy clipped and unclipped with one gloved hand.
Attach one end to your bindings and the other end to your boots.  Price is for one (1) leash.

1 review for SnowJam Pro Coil Leashes

  1. 4 out of 5

    Timothy Shenk

    The SnowJam Pro Coil leash is hands down the best leash that I have ever used. It’s convenient, versitile, and well made. Mine stay attached to my boots, so it doesn’t matter what boards/bindings I’m on, I can alwasy just clip on the leashes and go. The metal clips are easy to use even with gloves, and are very sturdy. I’ve personally had these leashes save me from having to chase a board down the hill after I misadjusted a binding, and I’ve seen them save others from the same thing. The coil itself is very strong and retains its shape even after being stretched out almost completely straight. I threw a board off hard once casing a jump, and the leash still came back into shape. I know some people don’t like leashes if they hike the park, but the coil leashes solve that by allowing you to take your boards off and hike with the leashes still attached. This is also helpful if you are hiking back up to drops in the woods since you don’t have to worry about losing a board if your grip slips. All in all, I highly recommend this leash to anyone and everyone who skiboards. They are a great value for the price, and I’d be very surprised if you don’t like them.

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Weight 0.20 lbs
Dimensions 4 × 1 × 1 in

SnowJam Pro Coil Leashes

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4.00 out of 5
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::Price is for one (1) leash:

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Price: $10.00