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Are you looking for:
Salomon snowblades (no longer made),
Line skiblades (recalled, no longer made),
Head Salamander skiblades
Alpina Magic blades
K2 Fatty skiblades
5th Element skiblades
Airwalk skiblades
Elan Freeline short skis
Atomic ETL short skis
Kemper skiblades
or any other low quality 8 hole skiblades? You won’t find them at
Visit the “What’s wrong with Salomon Snowblades” post on the forum to find out why.
Our pledge to our customers and the sport of skiboarding is we will only sell the following:
1) Skiboards with 4×4 and 4×10 stainless steel binding inserts (this allows high quality bindings to be used and interchanged easily)
2) Skiboards with wood cores (natural wood cores are much better than synthetic foam)
3) Skiboards 130cm or shorter (We love skiboarding, we sell skiboards!)
For more info on high quality skiboards vs. low quality skiblades check out the Forum FAQ. Visit our FREE video gallery to see what’s possible on high quality skiboards


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Skiboards vs. Snowblades (and skiblades)

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