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We’ve tested every release option ever available for skiboards and Spruce Risers are hands down the best.
No special boots or modifications required, just step in and go. Spruce Mountain continues the
“”Pro Prime”” model riser/binding for the 2014.15 season with Tyrolia Peak 11 release bindings.
Unlike bindings drilled directly into skiboards, the Spruce riser utilizes the existing 4×4 or 4×10 stainless steel inserts manufacturered in all high quality skiboards. This not only provides a super strong, safe interface, it allows the full skiboard to flex under the binding and owners can easily move one set of Spruce risers/bindings to multiple pairs of skiboards with just the turn of a screwdriver. The Peak 11 binding combines light weight with the high-strength of composite materials.
The new toepiece design transfers more power directly to the ski for highly
precise, less fatiguing turns (tilt stability). Faster re-centering and increased horizontal stability allows for more exact ski steering under extreme conditions. More vertical tolerance is designed in to accommodate various sole thicknesses (and a little muck,
too). Long toe wings increase the contact area between the binding and the boot for more positive edge control.
When you order you’ll receive Spruce aluminum risers, Tyrolia Peak 11 release bindings, 115mm brakes and mounting screws.
Attention: It’s required that before using them, you have the bindings adjusted and checked by a certified ski technician using your actual ski boots.
Spruce Chooser Page – for help with deciding which Spruce bindings to choose


  • Standard 115mm Wide brakes (note: will not fit RVL8 Skiboards Condor, KTP or Blunt)
  • Composite materials throughout for high strength & low weight
  • Toe piece design features long toe wings for increased edge control and faster re-centering
  • Easily mounts on any skiboard with 4cm x 4cm or 4cm x 10cm mounting
    inserts with just a #3 philips screwdriver
  • Extra wide anti-friction device at the toe.
  • Riser manufactured of high strength aluminum alloy
  • Mounts all “Adult Norm”, DIN compatible ski boots with lengths from 272 mm to 360 mm
  • Full 5 year warranty against breakage

2 reviews for Spruce 2017 Pro Prime Risers & Release Bindings

  1. 5 out of 5

    mark carraro

    Rode these today at ski butternut in great barrington, MA. Then were lighter then expected! I set my DIN to the reccomended settings and took off down the mountain. conditions were variable granular and some slight powder piles here and there. I was able to lay out consistent HIP DRAGGING carves with these all over the mountain. They were used with the Revel8 ALP 110cm skiboards. Snapping in and out was a snap, next I went into the terrain park. I spun onto, and off of several boxes and rail, as well as several "disasters" [going off a jump and then landing on the rail] with no problems or premature ejections. I did have one substantial spill in which both boards ejected properly. Another excellent product from Spruce!

    Mark Carraro
    Revel8 Team Rider

  2. 5 out of 5

    Josh Luther

    I’ve taken these out a few times so far this year and they’re amazing. Solid feel and they’re much lighter than I expected. Looking forward to the easy removal/install when it comes time to upgrade my boards.

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Spruce 2017 Pro Prime Risers & Release Bindings

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5.00 out of 5
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