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The “Crossbow” design is the result of many suggestions from customers who had experience with the RVL8 “Sticky Icky” board and wanted a similar board that was a bit longer with a slightly more relaxed turning radius. The board is designed with a medium flex stiffness, so it’s easy to control and very lively. Reviews on this board have consistently showed that it is a very easy turning board with a strong edge once it’s set up in a turn. It has the feel of a smaller, lighter skiboard but has enough running length to eliminate thigh burn and the need for fore and aft rider weight balancing. Available in two striking graphics for the 2021.22 season.

Key Features:

Length: 115cm, Width Profile: 138-112-138, Running Length: 93cm, Rocker 2mm/80mm.
Sandwich sidewall constriction
Laminated wood core with ISOSPEED sintered base
1.2mm thick edges
Rear set of riser mounting inserts (-5cm)
Triaxial fiberglass construction

1 review for Spruce 2018 Crossbow “City to Summit” 115cm Longboard Skiboards

  1. 5 out of 5

    Jason Vanhelsdingen (verified owner)

    If you are curious about Skiboards, or Skiing in gerneral, and want to try it – these boards are awesome to start with.
    I’m 49 and and never been on the snow – except for a ski lesson at Mt. Rose on long Skis a few years back. I took these to Mammoth for 3 days in Jan. 2023, and after the first few runs to get used to them – I was on blue runs the rest of the trip. I even did Road Runner from top to bottom the 3rd day.
    I rode inline skates a lot in the 90’s, but thats all the experience I had before this. I figured out the carving pretty quick, they can dig deep and are really stable on groomed snow. They also carried me across icy, crusty and slushy snow that I ran into on the mountain. It was hard for me to skate on them, I fell on my butt a few times in the lift lines, so I just got used to shuffling. Overall, I dont think I want to ever move to long skis.
    Thank you to Greco and the RVL8 team! All the RVL8 team videos helped me to figure out where to start.
    You guys rock!

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Weight 20 lbs
Dimensions 36 × 4 × 4 in

Spruce 2018 Crossbow “City to Summit” 115cm Longboard Skiboards

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