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The legendary Spruce 120 board is back this season with a choice of two graphics – “Chairlift” and “Subway to Summit”. There is no better feeling than getting out of the big city on Friday afternoon and heading for the hills for a weekend of riding your 120s. The Subway to Summit graphic will show you the way, across the bridge and up into skiboard country.

Over the last seven seasons, the 120 has become a classic skiboard for riders who have never ever ridden on snow all the way to accomplished riders who claim them as their “go to” board. The 120 has a soft flex which makes them unusually forgiving and an easy board to learn on. That said, the boards will make precise, pencil-thin tracks for the carved turn addicts. With a 7.6 meter turn radius, the boards are quick turning and yet provide a stable ride without the “thigh burn” of some shorter boards. For the 2013.14 season, the boards come standard with two binding mounting positions: 0mm and -50mm. This allows the Spruce riser to be set back for riding in deep powder without having to lean back to sink the tails of the boards.

The Spruce 120 is available this season (while supplies last) in a package configuration with Tyrolia SL100 bindings and risers and 115mm brakes that work with all skiboards except KTPs and Condors. The binding can be seen here. These bindings have the same technical specifications as the Spruce Pro Sport.


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Spruce 2013 “STS” 120cm Longboard Skiboards

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