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Some riders prefer longer skiboards for increased stability and float. However, there are no quality skiboard options for these riders…Until Now!! Introducing the 120cm Longboard skiboards from Spruce Mtn Skiboards, maker of the extremely successful “Riser” releasable binding interface.

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  1. 5 out of 5

    Vannon Stambaugh

    To All,

    Yesterday, I dropped Jeff Singer at Spruce Mountain a quick E-mail with a "newb" report. I am new to skiboarding and am using Spruce 120’s with Spruce Riser Pro releasable bindings. Jeff thought my review might be of value to some and suggested I post it up here. See below.


    Just a quick note to let you know that yesterday was my 4th day skiboarding and on my Spruce 120’s and that it all seemed to come together. The day started on rock hard corduroy and improved to a few inches of powder as the day progressed and a little snow fell. From the first run I knew it was going to be my day. It just all happened for me. All of a sudden I
    took on this sort of Frankenstein pose with my knees bent, backside somewhat down and my arms out and quickly realized that if I watched my hands that the rest of me followed. I stopped really paying attention to the fact I was skiboarding. The 120’s seemed to smooth out just about everything and I just went about the business of having fun. I was actually keeping up with and even passing skiers on the blues and snowboarders spent the day in my rear view mirror. I also hit a few powder stashes (small stuff that I could see through to the other side or it was clear where the groom met back up) and quickly found how much easier powder is on my legs when skiboarding. I fell a few times as I discovered that at speed you must always pay attention to weight distribution – not doing so carries an immediate (and I do mean immediate) price. I should mention that in the morning when it was rock hard the 120’s held a great edge – even under my less than deft guidance. By the end of the day my thighs were pure pasta. A great day. Negatives? I still look like a dork getting my first skiboard off if the terrain is less than flat. I’m hooked beyond redemption. I’m a 41 year old father of 3 and feel like a teenager, again. Do you know anyone who wants a nice Donek Sasquatch 170? Ha ha.

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Spruce 2007 Green 120cm Longboard Skiboards

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