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Spruce Edge Gripper 99cm Skiboards

Some riders prefer more narrow skiboards for increased edge control on ice and super
fast edge to edge turning ability. However, there are no quality skiboard options for these riders…Until Now!! Introducing
the Edge skiboard line from Spruce Mtn Skiboards, maker of the extremely su
ccessful “Riser” releasable binding interface.Edge skiboards utilize only the best materials and construction:

  • Standard 4cm x 4cm binding inserts
  • Laminated wood core
  • Triaxial fiberglass structure
  • P-tex 900 micro-ground base
  • Full perimeter carbon steel edges
  • All-mountain cruiser profile with TorsionMAX cross section.
  • Full 1 year warranty

Board Specs

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1 review for Spruce Edge Gripper 99cm Skiboards

  1. 4 out of 5

    Stacey Edwards

    I tried out the Spruce Edge Flyers this past w/e with great results. The conditions in the morning were packed powder with a few ungroomed trails that had a few inches of snow so I started the day on my Canons. Once stuff started to ice up in the afternoon I switched my Bombers over to the Edges and gave them a shot. First impression was that they are certainly have a more "ski-like" feel…they feel extremely connected to the ice and hardpack…they definetly don’t slide out as much as my Canons when doing tight turns, they feel as if they are velcroed to the ice with no sliding whatsoever…just pure carving. I tried them out on some little kickers and bumps along the side of the trail and, surprisingly, they didn’t feel too awkward…they felt like jumping on skis…I went in some powder that was probably only 3 inches or so with no problems at all. I still doubt these would be any good at all in anything much deeper because they are wicked skinny. So all in all these are perfect boards for carving and ice but they can perform well in almost all situations. I think it really helps if you know how to ski because the way you have to move and lean to get them to carve is extremely similar…they can tend to want to just go straight down the mtn and can easily get away from you if you haven’t skiied for a while.

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Weight 12.00 lbs

Spruce Edge Gripper 99cm Skiboards

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4.00 out of 5
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