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Spruce Mountain Powder Plate
Spruce Mountain introduces the “Powder Plate” designed for mounting Spruce risers in  rearward positions for riding in powder or for riders who prefer to ride with negative stance. Works with all 4×4 and 4×10 mount skiboards and all Spruce Risers. Mounts directly to the skiboard using the standard inserts.

  • Provides three “setback” mounting positions for the riser/binding: -15mm, -50mm, -85mm.
  • Mounts on any skiboard  with 4cm by 10cm (4×10) or 4cm by 4cm (4×4) mounting configurations.
  • Manufactured of high strength aluminum alloy.
  • Lightweight design.
  • Can be used with all Spruce riser/binding combinations.
  • Quick mounting of Spruce risers to the plate with the four standard riser mounting screws.
  • Plate can be quickly removed  from the skiboard when a center stance is desired.
  • Full 5 year warranty against breakage.
  • Cannot be used with non release bindings.
Technical Specs:

  • Length – 306mm
  • Width – 65mm
  • Stand Height – 6mm
  • Weight(1/2pr) – 270g (9 oz.)
  • Materials:
    • Plate – 5052 H32 aluminum alloy.
    • Mounting pad- Neoprene elastomer Shore A-70.
  • Skiboard sizes – 105cm and longer (Spruce is not liable to boards under 105cm is damage occurs)
Spruce 120 w/Powder Plate Installed
Image of Spruce 120’s, risers and bindings with powder plate installed


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Spruce Powder Plate (1pr)

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