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We’ve tested every release option ever available for skiboards and Spruce Risers are hands down the best. No special boots or modifications required, just step in and go. Unlike bindings drilled directly into skiboards, the Spruce riser utilizes the existing 4×4 or 4×10 stainless steel inserts manufactured in all high quality skiboards. This not only provides a super strong and safe interface, it allows the full skiboard to flex under the binding. In addition, owners can easily move one set of Spruce risers/bindings to multiple pairs of Spruce Pro Prime Plus Sideviewskiboards with just the turn of a screwdriver.

Spruce is pleased to offer the Tyrolia Attack 14 freeride binding for the 2022.23 season. Mounted on Spruce Pro series risers, this Pro Prime Plus configuration provides the highest possible performance coupled with consistent and reliable release when needed. This is a high performance binding featuring the Tyrolia freeride toe piece coupled with the proven top-of-the-line race heel-piece. The FR Pro toe comes with a metal AFD release for superior roll coupling and with a race heel for super durability and consistent release. The wide 80 mm mounting platform makes the Attacks an excellent choice for wider skiboards. The Tyrolia Attack2 14 GW Ski Bindings have been a long-time favorite of freeriders and freestylers thanks to their short, fat mounting platform. Their performance has been further improved for the 2019 season with the brand-new FR Pro2 Toe Piece that features a horizontal spring for better power transmission, elastic travel and reliable release. They’re now GripWalk compatible too.

The best bits……

  • GripWalk boot sole compatibility
  • Upgraded FR Pro 2 Toe Piece
  • Metal AFD
  • NX FR Heel Piece
  • DIN range: 4 -14

Toe Piece
FR Pro Toe – The Freeride (FR) Pro toe can be easily adjusted to different boot sole heights. Its horizontal spring reflects the modern architecture of the AAA-Series of Tyrolia bindings. AFD Metal (77 mm) – The AFD Metal release can be adjusted to fit all Type-A alpine boots.

Heel Piece
Race Heel – An increased contact area reduces friction and provides constant forward pressure in all skiing situations.

Brakes are available in both 130mm and 150mm widths for use with all skiboards including the RVL8 Condor series as well as Spliff, Playmaker, KTP, BluntXL and Blunt.

When you order you’ll receive Spruce aluminum risers, Tyrolia Attack 14 release bindings mounted for your boot size, wide or super wide brakes and skiboard mounting screws.

Attention: It’s required that before using them, you have the bindings adjusted and checked by a certified ski technician using your actual ski boots.

Spruce Chooser Page – for help with deciding which Spruce bindings to choose


Spruce Chooser Page – for help with deciding which Spruce bindings to choose

3 reviews for Spruce 2024 Risers & Attack14 Release Bindings with brakes

  1. 5 out of 5

    Jim Larranaga (verified owner)

    The Spruce bindings are great, step-in bindings. I had an old pair of short boards (different brand) with the non-release bindings that clip over the front of the boot. Those were such a hassle to get in and out of, especially on cold days. The Spruce are reliable, easy in, easy out and the risers really help you get more edge on your carves.

  2. 5 out of 5

    Mikey Hoffman

    Having 2 rebuilt legs, the Spruce risers have been a blessing for me allowing me to enjoy riding and falling without worry. It is great to be able to step in and go. The Pro Prime feel virtually the same as a direct non-release binding. There is no difference of feel in my opinion. I love my Risers!

  3. 5 out of 5

    Michael Robinson

    These things are the bomb. The design of the lightweight aluminum is so simple that it’s brilliant. I have tested the risers against bindings directly mounted to boards and there is no comparison.

    With the risers, the boards are more flexible and maneuverable, plus just fun to ride. I’m an older skier that converted to ski boarding two seasons ago and there is no way I would ride with non release bindings. So, this is a great feature. Plus, you cam swap risers between boards quickly. I did that last season at a picnic table at Heavenly; it was a breeze to do and made the day super fun. I highly recommend these. I have two so far and looking to get a third pair. My wife loves hers.

    There is one downside, however. It can be difficult to find a shop that can do a compression test on skiboards with risers. But if they are set properly for your weight and ability level, that should be no issue. Just be aware of it…and by all means, relax and have fun!!!

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Spruce 2024 Risers & Attack14 Release Bindings with brakes

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Note: If your ski boot’s sole length is smaller than 274mm or larger than 376mm, or if you do not currently have ski boots and your shoe size is smaller than womens 6 1/2 or larger than men’s 12, you may need a free custom mount. To arrange :call or email us:

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