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The “Crossbow” design is the result of many suggestions from customers who had experience with the RVL8 “Sticky Icky” board and wanted a similar board that was a bit longer with a slightly more relaxed turning radius. The board is designed with a medium flex stiffness, so it’s easy to control and very lively. Reviews on this board have consistently showed that it is a very easy turning board with a strong edge once it’s set up in a turn. It has the feel of a smaller, lighter skiboard but has enough running length to eliminate thigh burn and the need for fore and aft rider weight balancing. Now available in two striking graphics.

Key Features:

Length: 115cm, Width Profile: 138-112-138, Running Length: 93cm, Rocker 2mm/80mm.
Sandwich sidewall constriction
Laminated wood core with ISOSPEED sintered base
1.2mm thick edges
Rear set of riser mounting inserts (-5cm)
Triaxial fiberglass construction


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Additional information

Weight 9.00 lbs
Dimensions 36 × 4 × 4 in

Spruce 2020 Crossbow 115cm Longboard Skiboards

This product is Available. Shipped from Spruce.

Product Code: sprucecrossbow20

Price: $309.00