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The Osprey design was developed in the Spring of 2014. The goal with this design was to make a board that had the size, float and competence of the Spruce Sherpa but was quicker and easier to turn. We developed a fleet of prototypes for the 2014.15 season and those proved to be well-liked by all the testers.

The width profile of the board is the same as the Sherpa, however that’s where the similarity in geometry ends as the board is thinner for a softer, more forgiving ride. The board’s construction is cap with a wood core. The base is sintered for wax retention and the topsheet is a very high gloss PBT sublimation material. Like other Spruce boards, there are inserts for center mounting the Spruce riser as well as a -50mm position for deep powder and for riders that prefer a setback binding position.

Key Features:

Superb powder board
Rocker at tip and tail with zero camber in center
Softer flex for easy turning
Length: 130cm, Width Profile: 160-112-145, Turn Radius: 7.2m, Running Length: 108cm, Rocker: Tip 8/300, Tail 5/170 Weight: 1,300g (one board)


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Additional information

Weight 30 lbs
Dimensions 36 × 4 × 4 in

Spruce 2020/23 Osprey 130cm Longboard Skiboards

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