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The 125cm Raptor was designed in the Spring of 2012 after testing a number of short rockered skis and after participating in the design of the RVL8 Skiboards “Rockered Condor” in 2010. It seemed clear that putting rocker in a skiboard at a length of 125cm offered an opportunity to create a board with a significantly different personality than boards of more traditional design. The Raptor design was prototyped first and tested by a number of hard core riders in the early part of the 2012.13 season. These early tests showed that this board was indeed very different and had quite a few pleasant surprises in it. The rocker in the tip and tail makes it extremely easy to initiate turns. That was expected since that’s a typical characteristic of rockered boards. What was surprising was the board’s ability to carve very controlled precise turns in all snow conditions including ice and powder. There was immediate demand for the board and a “Limited Edition” model was produced in January 2013. Feedback on the LE board was consistently very positive from riders of all abilities and weights, so two new graphics were commissioned for the board and a production run was done in time for the start of the 2014.15 season. Available now in either the “Big Bird” or “Retro” graphics for the 2014.15 season.


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Weight 8.00 lbs

Spruce 2015 Raptor “Big Bird” 125cm Rockered Longboards

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