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Spruce Mountain introduces the ultimate “go anywhere” skiboard. This board is designed to be an all around longboard that can handle any conditions riders encounter, both on-piste and off. It floats easily in deep powder, plows through crud like it isn’t there and handles ice with ease.
Tested both on big mountain runs and in the backcountry, this board can handle it all. Note: These longboard skiboards can only be used with Spruce Risers & Bindings

1 review for Spruce 2008 Sherpa 130cm Longboard Skiboards

  1. 5 out of 5

    Andrew Thompson

    When I first was contacted by Jeff Singer about testing the Sherpas, I was excited about the thought of skiboards that could handle the powder, but I was a little apprehensive about the length. Before I took the dive and tried out a pair of EMPs, I was a strong advocate of sub 100cm boards. The EMPs changed my view on this however. First day out on the Sherpas I got to ride in 4-5 feet of untracked dry powder, and that was on the green runs. The float these boards gave me was truly amazing. For the first time I was not paying too much attention to keeping weight on the heels of my boards, or what my tips might dig into. I was riding powder the way it is meant to be. Since then I have gotten a chance to try these boards on every condition there is. They hold a great edge on ice and hardpack. They are still short enough to maneuver through most moguls as you would on shorter boards, and when you canÆt they can pop over the tops like skis. At lower speeds, you do notice the length some, and they feel a bit cumbersome. Once up to speed, however, they truly shine. These boards have to be ridden aggressively, but if you enjoy carving at speed, steeps, bowls, powder, backcountry, etc. then these are the ideal boards.

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Spruce 2008 Sherpa 130cm Longboard Skiboards

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5.00 out of 5
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